February 23

Which 2017 Optima Is Right For Me?


Optima Hybrid

The Optima Hybrid is a perfect family vehicle, with extra class. Given that it’s a hybrid, gas mileage will be better, and you’ll be helping the environment when you drive your children to school. At the same time, Kia has not forgotten the necessities of family comfort. All seats are spacious and comfortable, as would be predicted by the luxurious size of this sedan. The front is remarkably roomy, with an easy-to-use layout, heated leather seats, sunroof, and ApplePlay and Android connectivities. If you opt for this cozy drive, you’ll want to keep it in the family for as long as possible: the resale value of the hybrid isn’t as strong as the Optima’s gas model, so drive it with pleasure for years to come.

Optima Plug-In

Kia’s Optima Plug-In is for energy-saving people willing to work to become more sustainable. The Plug-In is more than a minor step up on the hybrid. Instead, Kia has exchanged the hybrid’s 2.4-liter cylinder gas engine with a 2-liter and has structured gas insertion for direct injection, automatically allowing for increased fuel efficiency. Plus, Kia has installed a 51-hp electric motor, a water-cooled transmission, and an electric oil pump. Altogether, the engine is 20 percent more efficient than usual. In terms of operating this energy-saving vehicle, you’ll be happy to know it can be driven for 27 miles on electricity. When you’re ready to charge up, an in-car navigation system will show you the closest place to do so and a schedule of availability. If the car has a 240-volt charge, it would take three hours to load; with a 120-volt, it would take nine. This Optima can save a lot of energy if you have the power to put into it.

Gas Optima

If you’re a conventional type, opt for the Gas Optima. You’ll receive all the perks of the above-stated cars – the sleek design, the entire sedan body, and the unbeatable price. The LX comes fully loaded, with a six-speed automatic transmission, touch screen, and rear camera display. Opt for the SX and get even more luxury: front and rear sport bumpers, sound-absorbing front door windows for increased privacy, LED rear lamps, 18-inch chrome-finished wheels, and more. Resale values tend to be more stable over time with this conventional choice. If you need to change your mind, this option may be your best bet.
The great thing about selecting a Kia model is the tremendous power given to you through options. Take advantage of them: Test drive the car of your dreams today at your local Kia dealership.


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