April 22

2022 Kia Carnival: Interior Features

Kia recently gave the Sedona a makeover, in both name and appearance. The newly titled Kia Carnival has upgrades featuring a sleek exterior that gives off serious SUV vibes, while maintaining all the comforts of its original minivan appeal. The result? A minivan SUV hybrid is known as a multipurpose vehicle, or MPV, and is ideal for families who want the disguise of an SUV with all the safety features and extra room of a minivan.

Kia Carnival Interior Features

Kia Carnival 2022

Photo by Hyundai Motor Group on Unsplash

It flexes an impressive new exterior and has a plethora of interior components that are sure to entice you. With five trims to choose from, each one offers various degrees of advanced technology, plenty of spacious seating, and the always appreciated one-touch sliding doors. It has enough new features to excite any family searching for the perfect new car. Prepared to be wowed by the Kia Carnival, because all of its interior features will surely give you the same merriment associated with your memories from your own first trip to the Carnival.


The Carnival provides passengers with a spacious amount of cargo space, depending on how many second-and third-row seats you’re using during each trip. If you’re using all three rows, there is plenty of capacity to store groceries, travel necessities, or children’s sports equipment, with 40.2 cubic feet available for use. If not employing the third row, that space increases to 86.9 cubic feet. With both rows folded down, you get a whopping 145.1 cubic feet available to load up your MPV with whatever you need.


There are available seating options for seven or eight people during the Carnival. The base and highest trim seat seven passengers, while the three mid trims have an extra seat in the second row, which leaves plenty of room to comfortably seat eight passengers. If you’re not interested in using the extra middle seat, you can collapse it and turn it into a center table, which provides an added comfort for people seated in the outside seats.

There are plenty of upholstery options to choose from to make every trip a top-notch level of comfort for everyone in the car. There are multiple options to choose from, such as cloth, synthetic, and genuine leather in bold colors, like Tuscan Umber and Off-Black.

The top trim, the SX Prestige, offers VIP lounge seats in the second row, which brings with it a new level of luxury. With heated and ventilated seats that fully recline with the push of a button and the option to use the included footrest, it’s easy to see why they’re called VIP lounge seats. Your passengers can literally kick back, relax, and enjoy a first-class travel experience in your new MPV.


There are plenty of entertainment features available for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re an Apple or Android fan, you get the best of both worlds with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto that connect seamlessly through Bluetooth so you can easily receive and send texts, use their navigational systems, and enjoy a variety of other apps through your 8- or 12.3-inch touch screen infotainment system centered in the front console of the car.

Adults and kids can enjoy the option of including a 12-speaker Bose sound system to amplify your favorite tunes or podcasts. Kids along for the ride will find the second-row dual-screen entertainment system to be exactly what they’re looking for since you can wirelessly stream their favorite content using both Apple and Android devices.


Safety is often a concern of most drivers, namely drivers who are transporting their families from place to place. Rest assured that the Kia Carnival has plenty of interior safety features made to keep everyone as safe as possible. One component includes Bluetooth wireless technology, which allows you to easily engage in making phone calls, playing music, and responding to incoming text messages without taking your hands off the wheel.

Other safety features include the rear occupant alert, which informs you if there are any people in the last two rows of the car as you exit, as well as safe exit assist, which lets passengers trying to exit the vehicle know if there are any oncoming cars behind the Carnival. This can be of great assistance if you have children who are always in a rush to exit the car.

In addition, there are a handful of airbags throughout the interior of the car. This includes advanced front airbags, which use advanced technology to determine the intensity of an impact and control its inflation accordingly to avoid further injuries. Other airbags consist of side airbags for the front and rear seats, as well as full-length side curtain airbags and a driver’s knee airbag.


The Carnival has many interior features that make it an extremely convenient vehicle for everyday use. You can use the sliding doors or power tailgate, both of which allow you to open hands-free, which can be convenient when you’re picking up groceries or getting kids in and out of the car.

Another convenience is the option to include wireless chargers, so you can avoid your USB chargers altogether while in the front seats. It also offers automatic temperature control in the second and third row of seats so that people sitting in those rows can adjust their own temperature according to their comfort level.

At Huffines Kia Corinth, we’re ready to help you find the perfect vehicle that fits you and your family. If you’re interested in seeing a Kia Carnival in person, a member of our qualified sales team would be happy to give you a tour and take one for a test drive. Feel free to fill out a contact form, give us a call, or drop by so we can answer any questions you might have and get you on your way to owning the best MPV on the market.



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