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3 Best Barbecue Restaurants in Corinth, Texas


You don’t need a degree in the Culinary Arts to know that Texas is home to some of the best barbecue food in the United States. The Lone Star State boasts four regional styles of barbecue. The city of Corinth, with its idyllic location near Dallas, is a wonderful place to sample some East Texas style barbecue. If you’re after a real Texas meal with meat that literally falls off the bone, look no further than Corinth. Check out these three best barbecue eateries in and around the city.

Rudy’s Country Store & BBQ

Rudy’s serves up a diverse and delicious mix of Texas-style barbecue. Menu items include sausage, brisket, and specialty breakfast burritos served with barbecued meat. Rudy’s also serves the common tasty side dishes that complete any good barbecue meal such as beans, bread, and baked potatoes.
The restaurant is the perfect spot for a family evening out, and the barbecue meat comes served on butcher paper, which adds a touch of authenticity. Rudy’s prices are family friendly, too – you’ll struggle to spend over $40 on a satisfying meal. The restaurant is situated on South Interstate 35 East, less than a ten-minute drive from Corinth.

Bet the House BBQ

Bet The House BBQ in Denton is easily accessible from Corinth. The restaurant serves up its own take on authentic Central Texas barbecue. Chefs smoke the juicy brisket for between 12 to 18 hours for maximum flavor. You get thick slices of this succulent brisket served with your choice of sauce. The sausage packs a unique flavor that is herbaceous and smoky, complemented by sides of thick, rich barbecue sauce and a fresh potato salad.
You won’t spend more than $30 for two people here – a half-pound of brisket is just $8.75 and sides cost $2.50 each. Two best friends own the restaurant, and they strive to provide delicious barbecue grub in a friendly environment. Bet the House is located on South Elm Street and is accessible via a 10-minute drive from Corinth on the South Interstate 35 East road.

Wing Town

No list of great barbecue restaurants would be complete without the addition of an eatery that serves up some finger-licking-good chicken wings. Wing Town, located just off of South Interstate 35, serves extraordinary barbecue wings with a variety of great dipping sauces.
The wings are boneless and juicy, and the honey BBQ dipping sauce is a particular favorite among locals. Wing Town is somewhat of a hidden gem where you’ll enjoy a chill vibe and low-key good times. You can fill up on a combination of six chicken wings, fries, and your drink of choice, all for only $7.99.
Any one of these barbecue joints will give you a real bite of authentic Texas barbecue, but why not visit all three and become an expert on all the smoky, tangy sweetness that Corinth has to offer? With so many places to get your brisket on, you can have barbecue for every meal.
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