January 5

5 Places In and Around Denton for Live Music


Dan’s Silverleaf

Located on Industrial Street in Denton, Dan’s Silverleaf is a perpetually popular spot to catch a band (or three!). It has a relaxed, roadhouselike vibe, complete with friendly staff. The sound system is excellent, so you can expect to hear the music clearly no matter where you are in the room.
Bear in mind, this bar isn’t very big, so if you’re particularly eager to hear a certain band on the bill, be sure to get there early so there’ll be room to stand near the stage. Music plays most nights of the week, and the lineup includes both regional and national acts.

Gatsby’s Mansion

Situated on Denton’s Teasley Lane, Gatsby’s Mansion is a well-known haven for people who adore the punk genre. However, as the name suggests, it’s a residence, so don’t go there expecting your typical live music experience. People actually live in the house most of the time, but the venue hosts between three and 15 shows per month in the multipurpose space. The acts featured are from around Denton, elsewhere in Texas, and touring through the state.

The University of North Texas College of Music

This music-oriented institution is one of the largest and most respected in the world. Every year, the venues associated with the college host more than 1,000 performances. Whether you take in the sounds of the student wind ensemble or a senior recital, you’ll find many opportunities to enjoy music in a professional and supportive setting. There are often multiple concerts taking place at once, so it won’t be hard to stumble upon a pleasant treat for your ears.

Two Charlies

This popular spot is part of Denton’s Village Shopping Center, and after stopping there once, you just might decide to make it your local haunt. While there, expect foamy, fresh-poured pints (beer buckets are available, too) and obliging bar staff. As for live music, the offerings here usually center on open mic nights, so if you’re excited to hear a musician on the rise before they hit the mainstream, this venue might give you that chance.

Lola’s Trailer Park Bar

You’ll find this relaxed and friendly venue at 2735 W Fifth St. in Fort Worth. Patrons love how this place has both indoor and outdoor spaces to enjoy music. Even if you’re a first-timer, you can expect to feel right at home from the moment you arrive. Generally, the bartenders and fellow patrons are up for laid-back conversations, so if you’re looking for a listening ear during a break from the gig, you’ll probably find one here. Many concerts are free, and they usually feature local talent.
Hopefully, this list gets you off to a strong start as you look for live music in and around Denton. You might even discover a new favorite band.


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