February 2

8 Places To Watch Dallas Sports


Christie’s Sports Bar

We’re recommending Christie’s first because we don’t like dressing up to watch a ball game. Instead, we’ll take beer the coldest it comes, spicy salsa and chips, and a bucket of wings. At Christie’s, you’re in for fun, laughs, and loud cheering all the way through. Added perks are the mind-blowingly huge flat screens that surround you and the low-cost food.

The Social House

Get ready for the best burgers in Dallas at The Social House. Visit this casual dining restaurant on a Saturday for their big game night. The Social House is also a top-notch place for authentic pizza and creative shooters that’ll give you a sugar kick and rock your taste buds.

Legends Sports Bar and Grill

If you want a game in a relaxed neighborhood environment where the drinks are cheap and the people are friendly, Legends Sports Bar and Grill is a place to consider. It’s in a convenient place, right on Justin Road. The best part of Legends is its long, narrow bar, surrounded by TVs and large enough to fit all your friends.

Milo Butterfingers

An excellent venue if you’re an SMU student (or if you’d like to meet some), this bar has a quaint, intimate feel, which suits students, graduates, and mature folks, too. There are seventeen great screens showing what’s happening in sports, and they offer a good variety on their menu for hungry students needing dinner.

The Hub Sports Bar and Grill

You can sit back and enjoy the game with the dozens of fans that trickle into The Hub and practice your skills at the pool, too. They also offer a substantial selection of video games and nightly drink specials. This is a sport-specialty bar, so you can always ask them to adjust their screens for you.

Lockhart Smokehouse

Lockhart stands out from the pub variety by specializing in a full-service barbecue menu. Come before the game to grab a table and a juicy dinner. There’s plenty of seating, and succulent specials served up nightly.

San Francisco Rose

This eclectic tavern is in fact named for its celebration and following of the San Francisco 49ers. Each Saturday, they embark on a viewing of the Texas Tech games. If you’re into these teams, befriend the staff at the Rose, and you’ll never be alone in Texas. Try their delicious multi-layer sandwiches while enjoying an excellent pint.

The Owner’s Box

What do you do when date night coincides with game night? The Owner’s Box provides a solution to this long-asked question. Reserve a meal or drinks for two at this upscale bar, which offers quality food with a lovely atmosphere. You’ll have a perfect view of all the game highlights on their large screens, and you’ll simultaneously make your loved one happy.

The Dallas, Texas, area has no shortage of fun joints where you can enjoy your favorite game. Good times come with good company, so check out these venues the next time you’re in the area.


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