November 18

Best Entertainment and Technology Features of Kia Carnival


Meet the 2022 Carnival MPV, a multi-purpose vehicle from Kia. If you love life's challenges, the Carnival MPV was designed to help you conquer them. The Carnival MPV has three rows of seating for up to eight, best-in-class power and cargo area, and all with a family-focused design that's innovative and practical. Kia took an SUV design and applied family-van characteristics, then loaded the Carnival MPV with the best entertainment and technology to create something new in the automotive industry. Let's take a closer look at the entertainment and technology features of the Carnival MPV the whole family will love.

Dual Rear-Seat Entertainment System

Kia Carnival 2022 in White parked on street

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Two high-definition screens mounted to the back of the front seat headrests keep the rear passengers entertained. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capability, these screens allow device mirroring, so you can stream content directly from your phone or tablet.


Driver and Passenger Talk

This new intercom system allows the driver and front passenger to communicate with the rear passengers by amplifying their voices through the speaker system. So even with headphones on, your passengers will hear your voice.

Passenger View With Night Vision

Now you can see everything in the rear cabin clearly with the passenger view system. Cameras project a live feed directly to your infotainment screen. In addition, the system features night vision capability, so even with the lights off, you can see what’s happening.

Dual 12.3-inch HD Display Screens

Two massive 12.3-inch screens combine to deliver your instrumentation cluster and infotainment. Your critical driving data displays on the screen directly in front of the driver, while your infotainment system with navigation operates from the screen mounted in the center stack. Using Bluetooth, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto to sync your cellphones enables hands-free operation. Now you can send and receive calls, access your favorite apps, stream content, and more using simple, intuitive voice commands.

Charging Systems

A Qi-compatible wireless charging station in the front row enables hassle-free charging. Also, Kia includes up to nine available USB ports covering all three rows to keep everyone connected and charged.

Kia’s UVO Link Ultimate Subscription

Kia includes a complimentary one-year subscription to their UVO Link Ultimate package. The package comes with connected routing, which uses real-time traffic and weather data, historical traffic data, and speed limit information to calculate the fastest route. You also get 911 and roadside assistance with the UVO Link Ultimate package. UVO Link will attempt to contact emergency services when your airbags deploy or connect you with roadside assistance.

UVO Link supports Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Now you can sync your home assistants and remotely operate your Carnival MPV. For example, you can lock or unlock the vehicle, start the engine, and set the climate control system from inside your home. 

A calendar integration function allows you to sync your Google or iCloud calendar with your infotainment system. You’ll remain updated on scheduled meetings and get navigation instructions if necessary. Once you arrive at your destination, UVO Link sends you walking instructions to your cellphone to get you from your parking spot to the front door.

Revolutionary Seating Designs

Kia created a seating system that adapts to your needs. For example, the second-row middle seat slides forward for easy access from the first row. It also folds into a table and slides back for use in the second and third rows. Upholstery choices include durable Syntex material or genuine leather.

The second-row seats offer a one-touch relaxation mode for a fully reclining position, complete with raised power footrests, comfy headrests, and heating and ventilation. If you need more cargo space, the third row sinks into the floor. Also, you can remove the second-row seats to create even more room.

Smart Doors and Liftgate

You can open and close all the doors and tailgate with the push of a button. Even with your hands full, the intelligent system responds to your approach by opening the doors and closing them when you walk away.

Kia Drive Wise

Now you can equip your Carnival MPV with Kia Drive Wise, a suite of the latest driver-assist systems. For example, you get safe exit assist, which scans the road for cars approaching as you attempt to exit on the street side of the vehicle. The system alerts you with audio cues and can even stop the sliding doors from opening to avoid a dangerous situation.

A rear occupant alert system uses ultrasonic sensors to detect the presence of a passenger in the rear cabin. You’ll receive audio alerts when you exit the vehicle if someone remains in the rear. You’ll also receive push notifications should the system detect movement after you’ve left.

Kia’s forward collision-avoidance assists with pedestrian, cyclist, and junction turning detection capability uses radar and cameras to monitor the road ahead. You’ll receive visual and audio cues if the system detects an obstacle, and in some cases, the system will engage emergency brake support to help mitigate or avoid a possible collision.

The blind spot collision-avoidance assist-rear alerts you when vehicles enter your blind spots. It also projects a live feed to your information cluster when you activate your turn signal, giving you eyes where you usually can’t see. In addition, this system can provide gentle steering correction to keep you in your lane when a vehicle remains in your blind spot. 

A rear cross-traffic collision-avoidance system uses similar technology to detect vehicles approaching from either side while you drive at low speeds in reverse. You’ll receive alerts, and the system will engage emergency braking should you fail to react. Kia’s parking collision-avoidance system does the same while you back into tight spaces. In addition, you can activate the 360-degree surround-view monitor and get a bird’s eye view of your Carnival MPV, further aiding you in maneuvering in close quarters.

Navigation-based smart cruise control with stop and go keeps you at a preset speed and distance to the vehicle ahead. When combined with Kia’s upgraded highway driving assist system, your Carnival MPV assists with steering, braking, and accelerating to keep with the flow of traffic.

Huffines Kia Corinth knows what families want in a vehicle. That’s why we stock an expansive inventory of Carnival MPVs, all loaded with the best entertainment and technology features the whole family will love. If you’re interested in elevating your family’s Corinth commute, we invite you to browse our inventory online. Or, for a more personal demonstration, you can stop by our dealership on South Interstate 35E.


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