January 12

Denton's Best Restaurants


Rooster’s Roadhouse

It is only appropriate that delicious BBQ tops the list of the best restaurants in Denton, Texas. Rooster’s Roadhouse is located at 113 Industrial Street. Its unassuming location is casual, with some outdoor seating available. The restaurant’s barbecue sauce is delicious, and its fried okra is well-known. However, try the brisket burger if you go to Rooster’s Roadhouse. If you’re still hungry, finish your meal with a decadent homemade dessert.

The Abbey Inn

The Abbey Inn serves some British favorites that can be hard to find in the States, like bangers and mash. For those feeling less adventurous, the restaurant also serves classic American dishes. The restaurant is at 101 West Hickory Street, central to Denton’s historic square. It’s open late on the weekends, so it’s perfect for a late night spent downtown.

The Bowllery

Whether you’re health conscious or just love Asian-inspired dishes, the Bowllery on Avenue C is a great restaurant to try. The restaurant offers many vegan and gluten-free options alongside meat dishes. Try one of their soba noodle bowls with the restaurant’s own Sriracha sauce or a freshly made soup.

Hannah’s Off the Square

Hannah’s Off the Square combines upscale dining with Denton’s history. Located at 111 West Mulberry Street in a beautiful historic building, Hannah’s Off the Square serves delicious food, starting with brunch from tables of fine linen and water goblets. It’s a great place to celebrate a special occasion or treat yourself.

Taqueria Guanajuato

Many Texans love Mexican food. Taqueria Guanajuato prepares authentic Mexican dishes daily from its small storefront at 1015 East McKinney Street. You can eat delicious burritos with a glass of horchata. The staff is bilingual, so you can still enjoy a meal here even if your Spanish is less than perfect.

Mr. Chopsticks

Since 1985, Mr. Chopsticks has long been serving delicious Asian dishes to Denton locals. With a menu that incorporates Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Indian cuisine, Asian food enthusiasts can find their favorite foods all in one place. Their pad thai is known to be delicious. Mr. Chopsticks is located at 1633 Scripture Street.

Royal’s Bagels and Deli

For tasty bagels and schmear, try Royal’s Bagels and Deli. The restaurant offers delicious coffee, freshly made bagels, and hot cinnamon rolls. It is located at 503 West University near Texas Woman’s University and the heart of Denton, Texas.

There are so many more restaurants to try in Denton, Texas. While this list only comprises a small fraction of them, there are plenty of other restaurants within the city limits, including Greek restaurants and burger places. Make it your goal this year to visit more locally owned restaurants to support an ever-growing culinary scene.


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