March 22

Entertainment Features of Kia Sedans

car touchscreenThe term infotainment comes from blending web technology with entertainment systems in modern vehicles. Today, these systems deliver everything from navigation, to smartphone apps, and your favorite music. In most cases, these systems now operate hands-free, making them a natural selling point for people who want or need to stay connected while driving. Kia has done a great job of integrating these systems into their most popular vehicles. Here’s a look at the entertainment features Kia included in their newest sedans.
Kia K900
Kia’s K900 sedan goes fast with a twin-turbo V-6 engine that puts out an impressive 365 horsepower. The K900 was designed inside and out with the refined and sophisticated driver in mind. The infotainment features reflect this, beginning with a 12.9-inch touch screen that runs all your in-vehicle tech. It’s a pleasure to operate the 1080p HD screen with pinch-zoom capability and split-screen function. You can run three applications simultaneously on the split-screen while a dial controls the infotainment system from the center console.
Android Auto and Apple CarPlay support let you sync your smartphones. Once synced, you can make calls, texts, stream your favorite playlists. Voice commands replace the need for pushing buttons. Kia includes a wireless charging pad in the center console and the option for a second in the rear seat. You have one USB charging port in the front and another in the rear passenger area. The audio system in the K900 is a Lexicon Logic 7. It works with Clari-Fi music restoration technology, 17 speakers, 900 watts, and metallic grilles. 
You can download Kia’s UVO Luxury Services app and gain access to various services. The UVO app lets you remotely start your K900, set climate control, and tune your radio before getting in your K900. The UVO works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, too, so from the comfort of your couch, you can ask your home assistant to get your K900 ready.
Kia Stinger
The Stinger strikes the perfect balance between power and style and has an entertainment system to match. It comes with a six-speaker system. You can upgrade to 720 watts with 15 speakers. This Harman Kardon system comes with Clari-Fi technology for an immersive audio experience. You get Kia’s UVO eServices app that tracks your vehicle’s health and lets you schedule maintenance.
The Stinger’s infotainment opens at a 7-inch display. You can opt for an 8-inch version. Both feature the same add-ons like Bluetooth, built-in navigation, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. The Stinger has a wireless charging pad and USB ports in the front and rear. The supervision center uses a 7-inch TFT screen displaying all your critical driving data. The lower trims feature six speakers, while the upper trims come with a Harman Kardon system with QuantumLogic and Clari-Fi.
Kia Cadenza
Kia’s Cadenza focuses on quality craftsmanship with sophisticated style inside. There’s powerful performance under the hood and the latest technology to keep you connected and entertained. The Cadenza’s sleek style is luxurious, with many of the same amenities as the K900.
A 12.3-inch touch screen with pinch-zoom function and 1080p resolution runs all your in-vehicle technology. Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity syncs your smartphone or tablet. You’ll find a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad, plus two USB charging ports in the front and two more in the rear passenger area. Kia’s UVO Luxury Services app is also available.
Eight speakers deliver the sound quality. A 630-watt sound system with QuantumLogic and Clari-Fi is available. The Harman Kardon system uses 12 speakers for an immersive experience. Multiple devices connect simultaneously through bluetooth technology, and the center dial operates your infotainment center. Steering wheel controls are an option, or you can activate the hands-free system and use voice commands to access navigation, stream your music, and use your favorite apps.
Kia Forte
You get a small sedan with big performance in the Kia Forte, which extends to its infotainment. It has plenty of power in the turbocharged engine and a dual-clutch transmission. The Forte’s in-vehicle technology runs through a dash monitor featuring touch or talk navigation. You also get Apple CarPlay, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Android Auto compatibility, and the Kia UVO app. The Forte has Bluetooth technology, two USB ports, and a wireless charging pad. The Forte’s upper trims use Harman Kardon speakers.
Kia Rio
The Rio comes with an 8-inch center display with built-in navigation and can sync all your smart devices with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support. Bluetooth technology lets you stream your music. Your Rio comes with six speakers with door-mounted tweeters for a clear, crisp sound. Downloading the UVO Link app lets you access your Rio remotely. The app has the ability to track your driving data and schedule routine maintenance. A USB input jack and two USB charging ports keep all your devices connected and charged.
Kia K5
The K5 was designed for elegance and engineered for performance. The K5’s powertrain delivers 296 horsepower and 311 pound-feet of torque. Such a thrilling vehicle to drive needs an equally exciting sound system. Kia had Bose design a 12-speaker system to fit the K5 interior for incredible sound. A dash display comes with base trims. The top tiers use a 10.25-inch monitor. Bluetooth, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay let you use your smartphone hands-free. A wireless charging pad and five USB ports keep your devices connected.
At Huffines Kia Corinth, we know it’s important to stay entertained or connected. Our inventory of Kia models features the latest technologies for your lifestyle. We invite you to browse our inventory online or visit our showroom at 6940 South Interstate 35E in Corinth, Texas. One of our friendly, knowledgeable members will be happy to show you our infotainment packages and take a model for a test drive.
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