October 27

Estimating Trade-In Value



What Helps Trade In Value

Before you find out what your car is worth, it is important to know what has an effect on its value. One of the most important factors in keeping the value of your car is regular maintenance, and keeping good records of it. A written record makes it easier to prove you have taken care of the vehicle. Keeping the upholstery clean and in good condition is also important along with taking care of the paint. The number of miles on your vehicle will also affect the trade in value. In most cases, the lower the number of miles the higher the value.

What Hurts Trade In Value

If your car has any dings or scratches, or problems with the body work it will lower the value. If you can get these fixed before bringing it into the dealership it will help raise the value. Also, keep in mind that mechanical problems will also have an effect on the amount the car is worth so you want to have these fixed as well. If the tread on the tires is wearing thin, change them, and check the brake pads and headlights. If it looks like you neglected the car while you owned it, you’ll see it in the trade in value. A car that smells like smoke is also a hard sell for the dealer so they won’t offer as much for it.


One of the most well-known tools for finding out the value of your car is CarFax. You can order a report on your car by entering the VIN number or your license plate and the state. This report will check for any accidents the car was involved in, the number of owners, and the service history. It will also provide information about what the car was used for such as a taxi, a lease vehicle for business, or just personal.

The Dealer Website

Another good resource is the dealer website. The Huffines Kia website has an online application where you can enter in the information about your car to find out the estimated value. They use the Edmunds calculator to calculate the worth of the vehicle, and all you need to do is enter the make, model, year, and the style. You can then use this information as a guide as you look at their inventory of new and used vehicles.
There are many online tools to help you find out what your trade-in vehicle is worth. You can then start your new car search with all the important information you need to make a smart decision. Your dealership is also a good source of information.
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