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EV Charging Stations in Corinth, TX


If you live in Corinth, Texas, and have an electric vehicle (EV), you might wonder where to find the best EV charger stations near you. Fortunately, companies recognize the demand for charging stations and have made them available throughout the city. Read on to find Huffines Kia Corinth’s recommendations for public electric vehicle charging stations in Corinth and Denton, Texas. We’ll also include helpful tips to ensure you find the right station and discuss the benefits of public providers.

Where Can You Find Charging Stations in the Corinth, TX, Area?

EV Charger Stations | Corinth, TX

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Here are nine charging stations you may use in the Corinth-Denton area:

Denton Public Library-North Branch

The Denton Public Library-North Branch at 3020 N. Locust St. in Denton has a charging station available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The station has two J1772 EV connectors and is part of the ChargePoint network.

North Lakes Recreation Center

The North Lakes Recreation Center charging station is at 2001 W. Windsor Dr. in Denton and is available 24 hours daily. This charging station has two J1772 connectors and is part of the ChargePoint network.

South Lakes Park

South Lakes Park at 556 Hobson Ln. in Denton has a charging station available 24 hours daily. The station has two J1772 connectors and is part of the ChargePoint network.

Kohl’s Denton

The Kohl’s Denton charging station at 2620 W. University Dr. in Denton is open daily from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. The station has two J1772 connectors and is part of the Volta EV charging network.

Denton Supercharger at Rayzor Ranch Marketplace

You can find the Denton Supercharger at Rayzor Ranch Marketplace (2700 W. University Dr. in Denton), and it’s open 24 hours daily. Since this is a Tesla charging station, it only uses Tesla connectors.

Walmart 4627 in Denton

Walmart Store 4627 is at 2750 W. University in Denton and has a charging station available 24 hours daily. This charging station uses CHAdeMO and J1772COMBOEV connectors and is part of the Electrify America network.

American Eagle Harley-Davidson

You can find the American Eagle Harley-Davidson charging station at 5920 I-35E in Corinth, and it’s open 24 hours daily. The station uses the J1772COMBOEV connector and is part of the ChargePoint Network.

Cinemark 14

The Cinemark 14 charging station is at 2825 Wind River in Denton and is open from 6 a.m. to 12 a.m. daily. This station has two J1772EV connectors and is part of the Volta network.

Whole Foods Market (in The Shops at Highland Village)

The Whole Foods Market at 4041 Waller Creek in Highland Village has a charging station that is open 24 hours daily, uses the J1772EV connector, and is part of the ChargePoint Network.

What Should You Know About Public Charging Stations in Corinth, TX?

In the list above, you’ll notice that each charging station has different specifications for its hours of operation, location, connector types, and EV network. Here’s what you should know about these details to help you choose the right charging station:

Location (and Permissions)

When you’re away from your at-home charger, be sure to find a charging station that’s in a convenient location. The station might be near your place of work or on the way to your destination.

Wherever you go to charge your EV, check to see if you’re allowed to use the charging station. For instance, hotels like the Wildwood Inn on Lillian Miller Parkway and Embassy Suites on Town Center Trail reserve their charging stations for customer use only. This policy makes sense, as guests can charge their vehicles overnight before moving on to their next destination. The charging station at an establishment like Kohl’s might be easier to use. Even if you don’t plan to buy anything, you can walk around the store while waiting for your vehicle to charge.

Hours of Operation

Another top factor to consider when choosing a charging station is its hours of operation. As you can see from the list above, many providers allow drivers to fill up 24/7. These stations are convenient for fueling up during odd hours when fewer people are on the road. Note that some stations restrict their charging times to the establishment’s regular hours of operation.

Connector Types

If you’re familiar with EV charging, you’ll know there are three levels. Level 1 is 120-volt AC charging that’s most common with at-home charging stations. Most electric cars come with cables that support this charging level from a standard outlet. If you upgrade your at-home charger or charge up at a public station, you’ll get to take advantage of Level 2 charging. It also uses AC capabilities but features 240 volts of power instead of 120, allowing your charger to work much faster. Stations with the J1772 connection type support Level 2 charging.

If you plan to drive long distances or want to charge your vehicle even faster, opt for Level 3 charging. A Level 3 charging station uses DC capabilities and is compatible with Tesla, CHAdeMO, and CCS standards. Ensure the station you go to has a compatible connector for your vehicle. While there isn’t a commercially available adapter for Level 3 charging, Tesla owners can buy an adapter that enables complete Level 2 charging with a J1772 connection.

EV Network

Various EV networks exist to make the charging market competitive and keep prices low. To find the best deal, consider comparing rates from different providers in your area. You might also choose a charging station based on its EV network if you have a membership. This approach helps you save money on your charging because it can be more expensive to charge your EV at a public station than at home. 

The next time you need to fuel up your electric vehicle in or around Corinth, be sure to consult this guide. Our recommendations should help you whether you’re passing through or want to find a station you’ll use regularly. Consider the charging station’s location, operating hours, available connection types, and EV network. Accounting for all these factors will ensure that you have a positive charging experience. If you know of other charging stations or want help finding the electric vehicle of your dreams, feel free to contact one of our representatives.


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