May 15

Where to Find Live Music in Denton, TX


a microphone on a stand with blue and purple lighting in the backgroundDenton, Texas has a wide variety of live music venues where you can enjoy the weekend. Here are six great spots to find live music in the area.

  1. Dan’s Silver Leaf

Dan’s Sliver Leaf is a bar located on 103 Industrial Street. In addition to their selection of drinks, they are also known for their live music. They have an outdoor patio space perfect for small concerts and an indoor bar area with a stage built for entertainment. On their website, you’ll find a list of upcoming acts to choose from and you can also purchase your ticket on the site.

  1. Harvest House

Harvest House, located just a short distance from Downtown Denton Square, provides locals with a bar, coffee shop, restaurant, and music venue all in one. Here you can enjoy a coffee or kombucha, beer or cocktail, gourmet burgers, and outdoor games of corn hole, all while enjoying a live music event. Here you can enjoy all sorts of musical genres such as jazz and rock, performed by local musicians, university alumni, and national music artists.

  1. Oak St. Drafthouse

The Oak St. Drafthouse is located close by Downtown Denton Square in one of the oldest houses in Denton. Here you can enjoy a locally crafted beer or cocktail in Oak St. Drafthouse’s back patio section while enjoying live music. They host local musicians and bands such as the country band called Raised Right Men, allowing for a fun, kid-friendly atmosphere.

  1. Andy’s Bar and Grill

Andy’s Bar and Grill located at 122 North Locust Street, is a live music venue with a bar and eatery within a three-story building featuring an underground kitchen, concert venue space, and cocktail lounge. Here you can listen to music artists across a variety of genres. Live music events feature heavy metal bands, jazz concerts, country singers, indie groups, and more.

  1. Rubber Glove’s Rehearsing Studio

Rubber Glove’s Rehearsing Studio acts as both a rehearsing studio for local bands and musicians as well as a live music venue. It was once a cement factory, but ever since 1997, it has become a hotspot for locals and visitors alike to enjoy live music by up-and-coming indie bands and nationally known musicians. Here they’ve hosted acts such as The Dim Locator, an indie/blues style band, Wet Dip, an indie-pop group, and Doug Burr, a folk singer. To add to the fun there is also a full bar on-site, so you can enjoy a drink while you listen.

  1. Barley & Board

Barley & Board is located on 100 West Oak Street. This brewpub is known for its selection of beer and live music events. You can grab a bite to eat or hang out by the bar as you listen to bluegrass bands like the Boxcar Bandits, jazz music by groups like the Jazzmeisters, and Olivia Justice Countryman, who sings a combination of bluegrass and folk.
The next time you crave live music and refreshments, look no further than right here in Denton.
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