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Five Denton Parks Perfect for Exploring This Summer


flowersThe city of Denton is famous for the beautiful parks that offer so much to its residents and tourists, and many of its various facilities can be reserved, to provide you with a memorable experience. Features of the parks system include sports facilities, aquatic centers, health and fitness centers, and special programs for seniors. The following are the five parks in Denton that are a must for this summer.

Avondale Park

Avondale is a 17.35-acre neighborhood park located at 2021 Devonshire Drive, with a 0.39-mile concrete trail. Other amenities include four picnic tables, a grill, a playground, a basketball court, plenty of benches, and two tennis courts. Field goals can be used for rugby, football, and soccer. The pavilion has an area of 720 square feet and the capacity to accommodate 24 people. The four picnic tables are not movable.

Briercliff Park

Briercliff is a 9.62-acre neighborhood park that is located at 3200 State School Rd. The concrete trail within the park is 0.27 miles long. The park offers eight picnic tables, playgrounds, a grill, a lighted pavilion, benches, soccer goals, a basketball court, and drinking fountains. The picnic tables are not movable and the 840 square foot pavilion has the capacity for 48 people.

Denia Park

This is a combination community park, recreation center, and sports complex. It is located at 1001 Parvin St. and covers a 23-acre area. The amenities of the park include security lighting, picnic tables, field goals, drinking fountains, benches, basketball courts, playgrounds, and picnic tables. Field goals in the park can be used for rugby, football, and soccer. The six picnic tables are not movable. The area of the pavilion is 1,090 square feet, and it can accommodate 36 people.

Evers Park

Evers Park is a 29.41-acre community park which is located at 3201 N. Locust St. It offers visitors various amenities such as shaded structures, security lighting, grills, drinking fountains, a restroom, a concession stand, a Boy Scout hut, benches, bleachers, a playground, picnic tables, baseball fields, and a pavilion. The baseball fields include a scorer’s table, dugouts, and benches. The pavilion is not available for rent.

Fred Moore Park

Fred Moore is a 10-acre neighborhood park which is located at 500 S. Bradshaw St. The amenities include two playgrounds, lighted basketball courts, a softball field, benches, bleachers, a stage, and plenty of grills. Fred Moore Park is unique in its two pavilions: East Pavilion and West Pavilion. The East Pavilion has an area of 970 square feet and capacity for 36 people. It also includes a smoker’s pit and six picnic tables that are not movable. The West Pavilion has an area of 720 square feet and a capacity for 36 people. It also includes six picnic tables that are not movable.
So, what are you waiting for? A visit to one or more of these beautiful parks in the Denton metro area and surely you will see that there’s something entertaining for every member of the family.
Photo: “FLowers” by David Ensor via Flickr licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 | Cropped from orignial


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