March 20

Five Easy Ways to Deodorize Your Car


black leather seats in the 2020 Kia SportageWe all know how it is to get inside your precious car and find it smelling a little stale. We also know that you don’t want to spend a small fortune getting rid of that stink. You won’t be able to get that perfect new car smell back, but you can come close with these five easy ways to deodorize your car.

  1. Keep Dryer Sheets Handy

Using a box of dryer sheets can leave your car smelling like your favorite laundry. All you need to do is open up a box, stick them under your seat, and the good smell will be radiating through almost immediately. To diffuse the scent slower, partially open the box or poke a few small holes in it. Plus side, if you find your clothes not smelling so fresh you can rub one on yourself.

  1. Coffee Is Great

We all know coffee is a great morning pick me up, but did you know it helps to get rid of unpleasant smells, too? Some airlines actually fill paper bags with coffee beans to help banish stench after a stinky flight. You can do this with your car, too. All you need are some inexpensive coffee beans and an old sock or a paper bag. Just fill them up and stick them under your seat, and your car will smell like freshly brewed coffee in no time.

  1. Use Essential Oils

While they aren’t the cheapest choice on our list here, using essential oils can make your car smell pretty amazing. They also tend to last a long time since a few small drops go a long way. Add some to a few cotton balls, find a way to fixate them to your air vents, or even use a sock.  Make your own essential oil car diffuser by adding drops to a clay disk or small flower pot saucer you find at any craft store.

  1. Use Wax Melts

Another easy way to make your car smell good is to place a few cubes of your favorite scented wax melt into a small jar. The melts can be found relatively cheap and you only need one or two at a time. Place it into one of your car cup holders and your car will be smelling good in no time. The one downside to this is that it only works when it is warm in your car.

  1. Clean Your Car

The tips above will only work, or stay working, if your car is clean. If you have particularly smelly carpet, then sprinkle some baking soda, let it absorb the smells, and then vacuum it out. You can also do this on your seats if they’re cloth. With leather, you can wipe them down with water and vinegar. Clean your dash and any spills and you’re set!
Fortunately, most of these potential remedies for your car’s smelly fragrance are cheap and easy to do. Your next road trip should be a lot less foul-smelling after you use some of these tips.
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