September 27

Five Safety Features that Help Senior Drivers


2018-Kia-Soul-Blind-Spot-MonitoringSome car safety features can help keep seniors more comfortable and safe when they drive. This can enable seniors to stay more independent and keep driving well past retirement. Here are five safety features to look out for that can help senior drivers.

Push Button Start

It can be difficult for seniors with arthritis to find a physical key and insert it into the ignition. A push button start could be beneficial for seniors, so they do not have to find a key or try to use it. Instead, the car will unlock when they touch the handle, and they will be able to start the vehicle by touching a button. This means that they won’t have to spend time alone in a parking lot trying to start the car.

Backup Cameras

It can be difficult for seniors to see over the seat and to look behind them, especially if they have back pain. A backup camera clearly shows what’s behind the car so that seniors can feel more confident when backing up. It may take some seniors time to learn how to use the backup camera, but once they do most seniors find that the backup camera is a feature that they don’t want to do without.

Power Adjustable Seats

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to reach down and shimmy to adjust a manual seat, you know how great power adjustable seats are to use. For seniors who may have difficulty reaching the manual levers or pushing their own bodyweight against the seat, power adjustable seats can save a lot of frustration and ensure a better line of sight. A seat that’s too low to properly see over the steering wheel can pose a safety hazard. Models that can save multiple drivers’ settings can be beneficial for drivers who share vehicles with other drivers.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane departure and collision warnings have become some of the most requested safety features drivers ask for when making a purchase in 2018 and 2019 models. Even if seniors don’t want to spend extra money upgrading to a model with other features, many seniors want a vehicle that can let them know about potential safety concerns while on the road. For seniors that are anxious about driving, these safety features can give them an increased sense of confidence.

Heated Seats

Heated seats and steering wheels are great for all drivers, especially in the winter when it gets uncomfortably cold outside. However, for seniors with arthritis or autoimmune disorders, heated seats can help relieve hip, back, or leg pain and provide a small measure of comfort while driving. A driver that’s more comfortable can better focus on driving than one in pain.
These are just some of the safety features that can be beneficial for senior drivers. The 2018 Kia Soul is one of the Kia models that has these features. It’s a stylish, modern model that drivers of all ages enjoy driving with ample space and functionality.
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