April 5

The Four Best Spots to get Brunch in the Dallas Area


Crepes with jamOne of the more popular mid-morning activities in Dallas, especially on the weekend, is having brunch. In fact, Dallas is among the growing list of cities that actually hold a brunch festival. For the local restaurants, it offers opportunities to become creative while patrons have fun with the experience. There are quite a few spots around the area that put a lot of emphasis on brunch as the most enjoyable meal of the day.

TJ’s Seafood

For seafood lovers, TJ’s Seafood, which has been voted as the best seafood restaurant in Dallas, maybe the ideal spot for brunch. The atmosphere is light and casual, with a menu that includes decadent indulgences such as banana nut pancakes, lobster fritters and scrambled truffle eggs. An extensive wine menu offers diners a wide selection to accompany dishes at the Royal Brunch.

Ida Claire

Another spot that has become renowned for its brunch menu is Ida Claire on 5001 Belt Line Road. The menu can be described as genteel southern rustic, with a modern flair and deliciously comforting. Popular biscuits and flatbreads are offered in various flavors, as well as an assortment of creative sandwiches, salads, and sides. Relatively inexpensive, the restaurant makes a claim to uniqueness with a brightly colored and dramatically patterned interior of an Airstream trailer that is converted to a VIP dining area.

The Libertine Bar

The idea of enjoying what is called “the World’s Greatest Sandwich” for brunch should be enough to trigger the tastebuds of even the most finicky eaters. The Libertine Bar in Lower Greenville is noted for doing a good job at it. Brunch is served on the weekend from 11 A.M. to 3.00 P.M, and the emphasis is on freshness with foods made from all locally sourced ingredients. Chicken fried steak and egg benedict are among the top-rated dishes. People also rave about the sandwich of toasted farm baked bread, gruyere, bacon, lettuce, tomato topped with a fried egg and served with a side of choice.


If you are in downtown Dallas, one of the must visits site for brunch is the Casual Italian dining establishment known as Americano. It is the spot of choice, not only for the sights, but the food as well which features a delectable mix of combinations such as the Ciabatta french toast with lemon whipped ricotta, strawberry lemon thyme maple syrup, and almonds. You can go even further with the breakfast pizza of Calabrian chili sausage, gravy, farm egg and potato. Of course, brunch may be incomplete if not accompanied by special libations, and the standout may be the Bergamont Breakfast Cocktail of gin, earl grey orange marmalade, and lemon.
Brunch may be synonymous with Dallas. The Morning After is an annual brunch festival that allows scores of area restaurants to showcase specialty brunch items under one roof. The event that features beer, cocktail champagne along with delicious bites and live entertainment sells out quickly, leaving diners with the option of having to visit the restaurants. The experience can be worthwhile, as it sometimes stated that the meal of the day that should never be missed is brunch.
Photo: “crepes!” by Judith Lautner licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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