January 10

Four Cozy Bookstores to Visit in Denton


Bookstores to check out in Denton, TXSometimes it’s great to go into a bookstore and just lose yourself among the lovingly crafted works. Whether you’re into fiction, biographies, or history, the unique environment of a bookstore can transport you into another world. Here are four of Denton, Texas’ best bookstores.

  1. Recycled Books, Records, and CDs

The cornerstone of Denton square is the big purple building that was once the Wright Opera House, and is now the home of Recycled Books. Pretty much every part of the store is covered in books, even some of the unique features of this historic building. This store is a treasure trove where you can spend hours rummaging through the shelves sagging under the weight of the books.
The constantly changing collection consists of around half a million books, so if you can’t find what you’re looking for, it probably doesn’t exist. However, despite the inventory not being cataloged, the knowledgeable staff can usually point you in the right direction to find what you are looking for. Don’t be surprised if you feel a “presence,” or hear unexplained voices, as the store is allegedly haunted.

  1. Books & More

This store looks tiny from the outside, but once you start to explore it seems to expand and unfold throughout the six rooms. Books & More on West University Drive is like an ancient curiosity shop with around 20,000 books and a similar number of vinyl records.
Originally opened in 1994, Books & More has been in its present location since 2002. Owner Debra Newton was trying to think of a business niche to get into, and having loved used bookstores as a student, she thought that she would love to own one of her own. The store has books to suit everyone’s interests, but the most popular section with a whole room to itself is romance novels.

  1. Ruth’s Room Too Bookshop

Ruth’s Room is a nonprofit thrift shop established in 2000 to benefit Habitat for Humanity of Denton. By 2012, the collection of books, records, and CDs had outgrown its section of the store, so Ruth’s Room Too opened next door in Sunset Center just to specialize in those categories. You can find a wide selection of used and rare books as well as rare vinyl, tapes and CDs.

  1. Voertman’s

Voertmans on West Hickory Street has been supplying the academic community of Denton since 1925. Although specializing in textbooks, they will track down any type of reading you want from medical books to novels. In addition to books, they carry a wide range of school and art supplies, as well as University of North Texas sportswear and insignia.
In 2014, they opened a new store, Voertman’s – TWU, specifically for students at Texas Women’s University. Both stores have helpful staff and they help you to get the best-priced books. They have various payment options, a book rental scheme, and a book buyback service.
In these stores, you can enjoy one of life’s great pleasures – browsing through a bookstore and taking in the unique musty odor of old volumes.
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