October 2

Four Great Denton Restaurants for Takeout and Delivery


Very few people always want to cook, and most people need a night or two off from kitchen duty. Fortunately, these four great Denton restaurants for takeout and delivery can ensure you still have a delicious, hot meal on nights when no one wants to slave over the stove.

Red’s Yard

This family-owned and operated barbecue restaurant has been serving Denton customers since 1989and the food has definitely been perfected over that time. Barbecued meats are almost like a religion in Texas, so it takes a superior barbecue to impress its citizens. Red’s Yard has done more than just impress the people of Denton. It has become the go-to place for barbecue in the city.

Local favorites at Red’s Yard include baby back ribs, hot wings, sliders, jalapeno cheddar sausage, grilled chicken, and pulled pork. However, there isn’t a bad option on the menu; the only problem you may have is deciding what to try first. Don’t forget to grab some side dishes and appetizers since the fried deviled eggs, Texas toothpicks (fried onion and jalapeno strips), fried zucchini, cowboy beans, potato salad, and homestyle fries perfectly complement any entree.

Killer’s Tacos

Tacos are the specialty at Killer’s Tacos, which prides itself on making all its salsas, sauces, and meats in-house. A great selection of tacos is on the menu, including the popular “Nice Rack of Street Tacos,” which is one of the restaurant’s street tacos for just $5.00. You can also get specialty tacos such as the Shellfish Desire, the Bermuda Barracuda, the Nature Muncher, and the Thai Me Down, among other favorites.

The tacos boast a lot of flavor, which also can mean a lot of spice, so be sure to tell the chefs if you want your tacos on the mild side. There are also at least three vegetarian taco options, so everyone can get something they like and can eat. The prices are excellent as well, especially given the large portion sizes. Some side dishes include beans, rice, chips, and queso, but the tacos are indeed the main attraction.

The Taste

Authentic Korean food is on the menu at The Taste. Unlike many Asian restaurants, The Taste is not a fusion restaurant. It only prepares Korean dishes, which means it has perfected its menu. The location is not great because it is attached to a gas station, but don’t let that keep you from ordering the best Korean food in town for delivery or takeout.

Popular entrees among locals at The Taste include sizzling bibimbap, bulgogi beef, kimbap, Korean barbecue, short ribs, pork cutlet, and kimchi soup. You will get a considerable portion of each dish for a low price, which means this is a popular eatery for people on a budget. You will definitely be able to get more than one meal out of an order.

Clara’s Kitchen

Clara’s Kitchen offers traditional comfort and soul food. Fried chicken, fried catfish, chopped beef, ribs, wings, and meatloaf are all favorite items of local diners. All food is handmade on-site, and you’ll feel the love that went into its preparation. The side dishes are incredible, so order mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, hand-cut fries, and cornbread to accompany your meal.

If you want some other tasty recommendations for Denton-area restaurants, drop by Huffines Kia and speak with one of our knowledgeable local residents who knows where the best food is.


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