December 8

Fun Facts About Denton


Denton Is a True College Town

Many people compare Denton to Austin, and it must be said that there are more than a few similarities. Denton has even adopted an informal slogan, “Keep Denton Beard,” that’s a play on Austin’s slightly more famous one. However, Austin is almost a million people strong and a vast majority of them aren’t college students.

Denton, on the other hand, has a true college-town vibe. University of North Texas (UNT) prides itself on their football team, The Mean Green. When there’s a victory, you don’t have to turn on your radio or TV to know it. Sporadic cheers can be heard from pubs and homes all over town, and the central and iconic McConnell Tower lights up green in celebration.

The college party scene can be summed up in two words — Fry Street. This stretch of Denton, once slated for demolition, was revamped and now features some of the best bars and restaurants in the state. Any night of the week, especially on weekends, UNT students can be found on Fry Street taking a well-deserved break from their studies.

Denton Is a Mecca of Women’s Progress

Texas Woman’s University, established in 1901, is notable for many reasons. In 1950, the school became the first in Texas to offer a nationally-accredited nursing program. It’s now the largest nursing doctoral program in the entire country. TWU also offers top-notch industrial and scientific education and has produced some of the finest aviators and military pilots in the world.

Don’t worry, guys. TWU opened its doors to men in the early 70s. Though it’s still about 90 percent female, men are accepted here, and TWU even selected a male student body president in 2014.

Denton Is Home to the Bubble Van Man

An unusual character known only as “E.B.” is a beloved part of the Fry Street scene. He’s usually seen selling (legal) smokeable herbs out of his beaten-up van, firing a fountain of bubbles at passersby.

Denton Has a Secret Bar

Paschall Bar is locally renowned for its fresh and exotic drinks crafted from unusual ingredients such as egg whites, absinthe, maple bitters, and crème de violette. Until recently, however, it was a bit difficult to find. It was nowhere to be found on Google Maps, business listings, local directories, or in the phone book, and there were very few internet references to this place. Its presence has been leaked a bit in the past few years, so it’s somewhat easier to find now, but you’ll still have a quiet and out-of-the-way experience at Paschall.

With its international reputation for music, women’s progress, and an avid college scene, Denton is a place unlike any other. Be odd, be proud, and be sure to visit this fascinating little town!


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