May 11

Where to Get the Best Sandwich in Denton


sandwichFat Shack

You have to go to the Fat Shack. There’s no other reason to live your life. With tons of sandwiches that will get your rocks off, you can’t afford otherwise. Plus, this sandwich shack is open late. When you have the hankering, start with some appetizers like the cheese fries or mozzarella sticks. Once you’ve created the gap between your cakehole and stomach, unleash the beast. Fat Shack specializes in sliders, which mean you have your pick of the most delectable morsels of meat available. Make your own or pick something like the Fat Pioneer. This gut buster has mac ‘n cheese, cheesesteak, french fries, and barbecue sauce on a single bun. That’s just one of the most ridiculous concoctions that make Fat Shack the artery-clogging stop for visitors and locals.

New York Sub Hub

If you’ve never been to New York City, no worries. New York Sub Hub brings it to you. Although they’re thousands of miles away from their inspiration, this deli has been in operation for over 30 years. The best part is that they’re family owned. With the love of a local sandwich shop comes the love for great-tasting sandwiches. Their menu includes staples such as the steak and cheese, pizza, or a creation all your own. No matter what you’re craving, New York Sub Hub is the Denton sandwich shop you’ve always dreamed about.

Denton’s Deli

You can’t have a suburban sandwich scene without a deli. Fortunately, Denton’s Deli is wholly dedicated to providing the best sandwiches in the Big D. One of the best aspects of this place is that an entire meal will cost you no more than $10. Go nuts on a sandwich stuffed with your favorite meats and veggies. There’s enough left at the end to pay rent or something else.

The Pickled Carrot

Sometimes, your favorite dish isn’t always attainable. Sometimes, you need a bit of help. That’s where The Pickled Carrot comes in. They aren’t a brick and mortar store, instead having decided the best way to give people what the want is through a food truck. Hopefully, you have a white-collar job in downtown Denton. If you don’t, The Pickled Carrot is only a short jaunt away from you. Offering delicious vegetarian, vegan, and surprisingly, meat sandwiches, The Pickled Carrot is something that’s only available to a select few of tie-wearing, boss-hating individuals. Make sure to join the pack.
Denton’s sandwich regime is perhaps more diverse or ridiculous than anywhere in the Lone Star State. Make sure to dive face-first into this scene. If not, you’re just wasting time between hunger and deliciousness.
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