November 16

Get Some Exercise at These Three Places in Denton


Exercise is an integral part of our daily lives. It keeps us healthy, helps us get things done, and makes us feel better on a bad day. Finding the right place to exercise can be challenging if you don’t know where to look. There are many options with different features that make a big difference. The key is to know what’s available and what you need to be happy there. If you want somewhere new to workout, exercise at these three places in Denton.

Water Works Park & Natatorium

One of Denton’s best scenic places to work out is Water Works Park & Natatorium at 2700 Long Rd. Admission requires a pass, and you can get a discount by getting a season pass. It is filled with amenities that will give you a water workout and a lot of fun. If you’ve ever been to a water park and had to climb the stairs to the top of a waterslide, you know how much of a workout that can be. If you need to take a break or want water resistance training, there is a lazy river where you can tube or walk. If you have diet restrictions or are on a healthy eating kick, you can bring your own meal.

South Lakes Park

South Lakes Park at 556 Hobson Ln. is relatively large and has plenty of space for activities like fishing or picnicking.  The park was renovated earlier this year to refurbish several of the amenities. The park also includes the Eureka 2 Playground, which is well-designed and maintained to keep children busy and active. Your kids can run around for hours without running out of things to do on the playground. There are also designated areas for basketball, baseball, and other sports.

North Lakes Park

At 2001 W Windsor Dr., you can find North Lakes Park, part of the city’s parks and recreation network. This well-maintained park has a wide range of plants throughout. With waterways, grassy areas, and hiking paths, North Lakes Park is the perfect place for working out with holistic methods like yoga or Tai Chi. Children can choose from several playgrounds. Biking is allowed, and there is plenty of room to ride. The park is usually frequented by runners early in the morning, and after work, so you could easily find a running group to help bolster your motivation.

With so many incredible places to work out, you will need an excellent vehicle to get there. Huffines Kia of Denton can help you find the right vehicle to get where you want. Kia has a variety of cars that are great for transporting sports equipment and making the trip to your favorite workout spot enjoyable. Ask your Kia dealer how a new car can help you get to your workout spot and motivate you to drive there every day with features that make driving exciting.


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