February 15

Grab a Cup of Joe at These 3 Denton Coffeehouses


When you think of a good cup of coffee, you might have visions of Starbucks, France, or a concoction of ground coffee beans, soy milk whipped to perfection, and 37 other ingredients you like in yours. Rarely would you think about Denton, Texas. Yet the Little D is ground zero of a coffee boom that has caffeine addicts biting their nails with jittery anticipation. If you’re in the mood for a cup of joe, try one of these trendy Denton coffeehouses.
Zera Coffee Company
Zera Coffee Company is one of the most interesting coffee concepts not only in Denton, but throughout the country. With the help of volunteers, Zera Coffee Company is entirely non-profit, donating all of their proceeds to the community to encourage faith, hope, and healing. The menu features all your coffee favorites such as cappuccinos, lattes, and espressos, as well as other options such as Mexican hot chocolate, Italian sodas, and other blended drinks. If you’re hungry, Zera offers bagels, sandwiches, and wraps to quell your appetite.

If you want to give something back to the community or you love their product, you can volunteer your skills as a barista or cook anytime you want, while getting some caffeine out of it. There’s probably no better feeling than the satisfaction of volunteering mixed with the jolt of coffee.
Shift Coffee
The modern architecture and giant stone tower entrance of Shift Coffee are an inviting glimpse into what you’ll find inside, welcoming guests to venture inside. Once you’ve found your way to the line, prepare to park yourself there while telling other patrons to “go ahead.” That’s because the menu at Shift is a never-ending array of seasonal concoctions, coffee favorites, and barista creations that.
Plus, it’s not just iced coffees and mochas here. Some creations use rosewater, juices, and other ingredients to craft a fruity beverage that’s perfect for a summer’s day, while others are intended to put you in the mood of the fall or winter seasons. The best part is that you can’t really go wrong no matter what you choose.
West Oak Coffee Bar
If you’ve ever wanted to sip a coffee in a place that embodied the spirit of Denton, look no further than West Oak Coffee Bar. Started in 2014 by three Dentonites, West Oak’s trendy atmosphere is the result of many artists and craftsmen from Denton. From the leather coasters to the wooden signs, everything (except the coffee beans) were made right here in the Little D.
While the coffee is sublime, head for the barista specials such as the oak aged peppermint latte or a habanero ginger mocha for something totally original.
Coffee wakes you up in the morning, relaxes you after a meal, and works as a wonderful medium for social interaction. With all the powers that it possesses, no wonder people are drinking more of it than ever. All you need to do is watch out for how many cups you have. Otherwise, you could have some uncomfortable shakes and a fast speech pattern that could raise a few eyebrows.
Photo: “Classic cappuccino” by Matt Brown licensed under CC BY 2.0 | Cropped from original


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