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Great Local Gyms in Corinth, TX


gymAchieving the bodily fitness you have always desired requires high level of commitment. Beyond dedication, you also need to find a fitness gym that will guide you through the entire journey. Corinth is fortunate to have a wide variety of top gym facilities. However, you need find the right facility for your fitness goals. We here, at Huffines Kia Corinth have sampled some great gyms in Corinth to get you started.

F45 Training Facility

This is a group training facility that provides a functional all body exercises aimed at infusing stamina, raising energy levels, and improving the body’s metabolic rate. F45 combines components of High-Intensity Interval Training, circuit training, and functional training all within a span of 45 minutes. If you are looking for personalized training, you are sure to find two or more personal trainers every time you visit the facility. They will guide and motivate you through every exercise before your workout kicks off. The wellness facility has developed a home workout program, F45 Live, to  help you achieve uninterrupted workout while maintaining social distancing.

Achiever’s Gymnastic Center

Located in Denton county, Achiever’s Gymnastic Center is the perfect place for your kids’ fitness program. Here, your child will enjoy the best personal training that is offered depending on the child’s level of gymnastics and their potential in cheer leading. Additionally, the center has developed a program that offers obstacle training classes for children. The program specializes in upper body and primary strength, flexibility, and agility to encourage better athletic performance and give confidence to the members. 

If you are planning to visit this facility, you might want to inquire beforehand as the Gym’s capacity has been reduced by 50% owing to the COVID-19 social distancing rules.

Top Game Jiu Jitsu Studio

At Top Game Jiu Jitsu, you will be introduced to high intensity exercises that will push your body beyond its endurance limits. Prepare to get rid of that emotional baggage and learn new self- defense tactics. The facility offers Pilates classes that will strengthen your muscles and firm up your body. You can also try the Mixed Martial Arts training aimed at improving your coordination and raising your confidence levels. They also help you develop mental strength and even lose that stubborn weight!

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the gym now offers classes at 75% of its full capacity and highly encourages personal hygiene.

The MVMT Lab

The MVMT Lab prides itself as the facility that offers training for all athletes in both competitive and non-competitive sport. This facility has a variety of programs such as the Fundamental program for trainees looking to achieve functional movement or looking to refresh their basic fitness skills. The lead trainer, Jason, is a reputable name in the fitness industry and he will help you in your fitness journey. In the COVID-19 period, this facility has put out a schedule of classes where clients can find the most appropriate program. Social distancing is strictly enforced and the gyms surfaces and equipment undergo frequent sanitization.

Rock Box Fitness Center

This is a state-of-the-art boxing and functional training center that focuses on group boxing exercises for its members. The facility plays high octane workout tunes designed to get you in the mood to box and kick. The instructors will introduce you to new workouts at every session, making the experience unpredictable and stimulating. Get ready to box those punching bags to a whole new you! Like many other facilities, Rock Box has implemented a few changes to keep you safe from COVID-19. The center allows one bag per boxer and has limited the number of boxers to observe social distancing.

Richard Blake Personal Training

If you are looking for highly personalized training, Richard Blake personal training is your gym of choice in Corinth. Led by the legendary fitness trainer Richard Blake and his team of trainers, they will help you achieve your fitness goals. You will also get a customized nutrition plan to compliment your workouts. This facility has taken several measures to keep their clients safe from Coronavirus disease. These include frequent cleaning and sanitization of surfaces and equipment, maintaining safe distance between clients and introducing contactless payment methods. The facility has also installed an air purifier to cleans the air inside the training area hence lowering the likelihood of transmission of Coronavirus among the trainees.

Legacy Fitness and Gym

Legacy fitness and gym provides regular forms of exercising such as weight lifting and cycling but also highly encourages class activities. There are a variety of workouts here for everyone regardless of your fitness level. From mild stretching classes to high power work outs, you will certainly find a class that fits your needs. The most popular classes you will find here are Zumba, Yoga, Floor, and Cardio Blast. 

The gym strictly complies to the six foot social distancing rules. It is also a mandatory requirement for you to carry a pair of gloves and a mask while visiting this facility.

Brickhouse Gym

The Brickhouse is a friendly neighborhood gym in Corinth with plenty of equipment and knowledgeable trainers. With a round the clock dedicated team of personal trainers, you are sure to get the assistance you need to achieve your desired results. This facility offers fitness lessons for all levels of fitness, from beginners to experienced. The classes include aerobics, yoga, nutrition, strength training, spin classes, childcare, and Zumba among others. Since the Coronavirus outbreak, the gym operates on appointment basis to limit the gym’s capacity in line with the social distancing protocol.

Physical exercise is incredibly good for your body. Being active and maintaining a healthy weight is critical in preventing cardiovascular diseases and other conditions. Finding the perfect fitness center that fits your preference can be a difficult choice. 

We at Huffines Kia Corinth hope this guide will be helpful in kick starting your fitness journey. If we’ve missed a great fitness facility in the Corinth area, don’t hesitate to hit us up on our website so we can add your suggestions to our list.

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