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How To Get The Most out of Kia Connect?

Kia connect is a feature that comes in modern Kia models. It is a subscription service that lets you connect your smart devices to your vehicle. If you’re interested in Kia connect, you can contact Huffines Kia Corinth to learn more about this service.

What Are the Features of Kia Connect?

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The features you get from Kia Connect include connecting your smart devices, such as watches, mobile phones, and tablets, directly to your vehicle. Doing so allows you to access and activate other features of your car from these devices. For example, you can set a maintenance reminder for your vehicle, which alerts your connected devices when your vehicle crosses a routine maintenance threshold such as miles you’ve driven or how long you’ve it’s been since your last maintenance check-up. This feature can keep your Kia in the best driving condition possible.

What Are the Subscription Plans?

Kia Connect comes in four subscription plans: Lite, Care, Plus, and Ultimate. Each one gives you access to more features of the Kia Connect system. Below are descriptions of each subscription plan and the features they include:

Lite Subscription Plan

The Lite subscription plan is the smallest Kia Connect plan and offers the fewest features. It features general trip information you can view from your devices such as speed, location, distance, and any alerts your vehicle triggers. It also includes 911 connect, which tries to dial emergency services automatically if the airbags deploy in a crash. The Lite subscription plan includes a mileage detector, where you can check the total mileage on your vehicle from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Finally, you can control the charging of your vehicle, and receive alerts about the condition of your vehicle’s battery status.

Kia provides this subscription for a maximum of five years after the purchase of your new Kia vehicle.

Care Subscription Plan

The Care subscription plan is a step up from the Lite plan. It includes all the features of the previous plan, plus some extras. The new features for this plan include roadside assistance and the ability to look at monthly diagnostic reports about your vehicle on the associated app or through your online account. The Care plan also includes several alerts such as:

  • Geofence alerts to let you know what’s around your vehicle, and keep track of it.
  • Curfew alerts to let you know if your vehicle is being used during a curfew time you can set in your preferences.
  • Speed alerts notify you if your vehicle is traveling faster than the preferences you set on your app or online account.
  • Diagnostic alerts send a message to your account if a warning indicator triggers on the vehicle’s dashboard.
  • Valet alert lets you know if your vehicle is driven beyond a limit you set in your preferences.
  • Low starter battery alert tells you if your battery is too low to start your vehicle.
  • Vehicle alarm alerts notify your devices each time your vehicle’s alarms activate.
  • Panic button notification tells you if someone triggers the panic button.
  • Rear seat occupancy notification warns you if the vehicle detects occupants in the rear seat after you lock your vehicle’s doors.

The Kia Connect Care plan costs $5.99 per month or $59.00 annually.

Plus Subscription Plan

The Plus subscription comes with the features of the other two lower tiers and includes more remote features you can activate or deactivate with your connected devices. These features include the ability to schedule your vehicle’s climate for different driving conditions, leaving your hands free for the steering wheel. They also have an option to find and get directions to your vehicle’s location. From your devices, you can schedule times for the vehicle to charge for an electric or hybrid chargeable vehicle. Other remote features the Plus subscription plan has included are:

  • Remote lock and unlock to activate the door locks of your car from your app or another connected device.
  • You can turn on and off a small horn and lights using your app or online account.
  • Remote start and stop to turn your car on and off from the comfort of your home.
  • Remote climate control to activate your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning from your devices.
  • Remote heated and ventilated seats to control your experience before you get in your Kia.

The Kia Connect Plus plan costs $14.99 per month or $149.00 annually.

Ultimate Subscription Plan

The Kia Connect Ultimate plan includes the features of the previous plans. It also adds more security, remote control, and navigation features none of the other plans come with. The first two features the Ultimate subscription adds are for security. They are the stolen vehicle recovery and stolen vehicle immobilization features. In the event someone steals your vehicle, Kia Connect can work directly with law enforcement officials to locate and recover the vehicle. Paired with immobilization, which keeps your vehicle from moving during this process, you can keep your Kia safe from theft.

Other conveniences the Ultimate plan adds are the Kia Connect Agent, and Kia Connect Skill services, which work with digital assistants to control features from home with your voice. Finally, the Ultimate plan adds three navigational tools to your capabilities. First, it allows you to send a destination directly to your car’s GPS from the app or online tool. Next, the vehicle can tailor your online queries, bringing more accurate results to your attention. Finally, your Kia can set routes and determine the shortest travel times using traffic data in real-time to improve the accuracy of GPS results.

Are You Interested in Adding Kia Connect to Your Vehicle?

At Huffines Kia Corinth, we can help you get the services you want for your Kia. Whether you’re looking for help to purchase a Kia Connect subscription, searching for a new or used vehicle, planning how to finance your new KIA, or looking for a mechanic for regularly scheduled maintenance, we can help you. To learn more about our team, you can read our about us page. We’re committed to providing a quality service for you and the rest of our community.


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