August 9

Kia Motors Unveils All-Electric Concept Car


Kia Niro EVKia is joining the all-electric SUV movement and has recently revealed a new concept plan. The Kia Niro EV will be the first fully electric SUV in Kia’s lineup and it will include some pretty exciting features. This is what we know about this highly anticipated car so far.

Meet the Niro EV Concept

Not only is it estimated that the Niro EV will have more interior space than Kia’s other electric powered cars, but it will also have more power. It will be powered with a 64 kW lithium-polymer battery pack and a 150 kW electric motor with an increased range of mileage topping out at 238 miles. This puts it on par to be one of the longest range electric vehicles currently in the market.

The exterior will somewhat replicate the current Niro, but there will be significant changes that improve both the design and the functionality of the fully electric powering mode. The exterior design is slim allowing it to maneuver easier in a more aerodynamic way. The traditional grille on the Niro is no longer needed and is replaced with a slim panel. The updated LED headlights give it a distinguished look while also giving the driver increased visibility.

Technological Features

There has not been a lot of information released as to what we can expect to see on the inside of the Kia Niro EV. However, we do know that the heating and cooling controls are not only touchscreen accessible, but they can also be changed with hand gestures. There will also be swipeable controls on the steering wheel. The Niro EV will also include a 5G connection.

Safety Features

Kia has not sacrificed safety in order to design the fully electric car. The Niro EV will come equipped with the active pedestrian warning system. This system will include small exterior front cameras that will help the driver identify pedestrians ahead. This safety system will also serve as the base platform for additional Kia electric vehicles with even more advanced of safety properties.

Kia’s Future Electric Plans

Kia does not plan to stop with the Niro EV. In fact, this will be just the beginning of their strong move toward a fully electric Kia lineup. They have already announced plans to release an additional four cars that will be fully electric powered. They plan to do this all by 2025. Of course, there will also be additional plug-ins released during that time.
The Niro EV concept is an exciting concept for those drivers that want an electric option but do not want to give up on the increased space that SUVs offer. It gives drivers an affordable and spacious electric option in a car buying market that tends to skip over those categories.
Although still considered a concept car, we will not have to wait long for its production. Kia does expect to release the all-electric Kia Niro EV by the end of the year. Come by Huffines Kia Denton to see the exciting Kia Niro EV once it releases.
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