February 14

Learn Some Denton History at One of These 3 Area Museums


Museums to Visit in Denton, TXDenton, Texas, is home to a rich history that many have yet to realize. In this city, which sits about 45 minutes north of Dallas, you’ll find historic structures and lands that have been standing ever since the area’s initial development between 1866 and the 1900s. There’s a lot to learn about this incredible city and to discover it all, you can check out some of the museums here. Here are four that we think you’ll really enjoy.

  1. Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum

If you’re going to visit any museum in Denton, the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum should be at the top of your list. Built in 1896, this building is one of the most celebrated in the entire city. Not only is it home to artifacts that detail the area’s rich history, but it’s also the centerpiece of the city and the focal point of its downtown square. When you visit, you’ll have access to lectures, various exhibits, and community events, all at which you can get a better understanding of the history of Denton. Admission is free, and the museum is open Monday through Saturday.

  1. Denton County Historical Park

Also standing as one of the main attractions in Denton is the Denton County Historical Park. A short walk from the Courthouse-on-the-Square Museum, this historic destination in the city is home to various museums scattered around the property. You’ll find the Bayless-Selby House and the Quakertown House, as well as the county’s Welcome Center, which is also a historic structure. Meanwhile, the park itself is home to open space and regularly scheduled community gatherings, with a farmers market, live music, storytelling, and more on the itinerary.
If you’re interested in visiting, it’s worth noting that admission is free and the park offers complimentary tours. That way, you can discover everything the destination has to offer.

  1. Texas First Ladies Historic Costume Collection

While this attraction isn’t technically a museum, you could call it one due to the various exhibits that detail what it was like to live among others back in Denton’s founding days. Located at Texas Woman’s University, the Texas First Ladies Historic Costume Collection showcases the graceful and elegant wardrobes of women from the 1800s through the industrialization of the 1900s. On display are 21 gowns, which are ever-changing as the university has 47 to showcase. You’ll feel as though you walked through a time portal and instantly transported to 1866. It’s a beautiful assortment of clothes that holds historical value and memories.
The collection is open to visitors and those attending the school. It’s located in the Administration Conference Tower on the second floor.
With so much rich history in and around Denton, Texas, it’s of great interest to learn as much as possible about this incredible city. And by visiting any of these historical museums and landmarks, you’ll discover things you never even heard of. We hope you discover everything you want to know about Denton’s history during your journey through time!
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