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Live Music in the Corinth Area


guy playing guitarLive music is one of the great joys in life. It brings excitement to a party, enhances your dining experience, and can provide a fun night out. Local acts are fun, and you can find a wide variety of musical genres in the Corinth, Texas, area.  It can be hard to find a venue with music that you enjoy, so we’ve compiled a list of the top live music venues in the Cornith area. Take a look to see if any of your favorite spots made our list.

Music Venues

Some local venues are solely dedicated to showing off the performers’ musical talents and serving up some great drinks. Here are a few to check out. 

Dan’s Silverleaf

Dan’s Silverleaf in Denton is styled like a roadhouse and has a fun atmosphere. Get there early to get the best seat in the house, near the stage. This venue books acts from all around, including both local and national bands. The bar is stocked with as wide of a variety of drinks as the bands that come through. You can listen to anything from jazz to rock playing on the Dan’s Silverleaf stage.

University of North Texas College of Music

Given its name, the University of North Texas College of Music is automatically associated with music. It hosts more than 1,000 performances a year, from student ensembles to senior recitals. Head over to the university, and you’ll usually find someone performing, or you can check the website for a schedule of events. You may get introduced to some styles of music you don’t typically listen to. If you love music, this is the place to broaden your horizons.

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio

Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studio in Denton bar is a creative coupling of rehearsal space for an indie rock band and a performance venue. Recently renovated, the space features a speakeasy-type lounge with a DJ, a front bar, and a rear patio with room for a food truck to pull up and dish out some good eats. The stage has plenty of floor space in front of it, and there’s an outdoor performance area with a partially covered larger stage. Friendly bartenders will serve you your drinks of choice. 

Restaurants With Live Acts

There’s nothing quite like listening to music playing while you enjoy your meal. It automatically makes the night better. Some local restaurants keep the delectable food coming while serving up some great musical acts on the side. Check out some of these musical and culinary delights.

Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant

You can enjoy Angelina’s Mexican Restaurant’s famous margaritas while listening to local music. The Hickory Creek restaurant features music a couple of nights a week. Order some delicious Mexican food and listen to the sounds of an incredible band while you enjoy your meal. 

Kelly’s Texican Grill

Kelly’s Texican Grill in Coppell, Texas, offers tasty TexMex dishes along with a healthier spin on many Mexican dishes, with plenty of veggies and good drinks. You can eat inside or out on the patio. The bar routinely features live music for you to enjoy while having your dinner. 

Walter’s Tavern

Walter’s Tavern in Lake Dallas is a bar with a relaxed local atmosphere where you can get excellent steak and a pretty good Reuben sandwich. The desserts, such as the creme brulee, are also quite tasty. The staff is amazingly friendly and helpful. You always get service with a smile, and the beer is always cold. When live music is playing, you’ll enjoy a great atmosphere.

Andy’s Bar & Grill 

Andy’s Bar & Grill in Denton has something for everyone. Andy’s has three levels, each with a different atmosphere and purpose. The top level serves fine drinks and tasty eats, while the lower space has a relaxed vibe in a cozy little bar space. The bands play in the stage area of the second level. The excellent sound system complements the bands that come in to play almost every weekend. Once you’ve had your fill of listening to the local music acts, you can hang out in the bottom bar and chat with friends. 

Bars With Great Bands

Sometimes when you look for a bar to spend an evening with friends, you want quality beer and great music. Many of these bars get classified in the dive-bar category, but that’s often where you find great people, great drinks, and really great music. But not all great bars are dives. You can find some excellent options here in the Corinth area. 

Two Charlies

Two Charlies of Denton serves fresh pints as well as beer buckets you can choose to share with your table. The bar staff is so friendly you’ll feel like you’re part of the family. Two Charlies’ specialty is open mic nights, where you’ll get the opportunity to say you saw them when, regarding young up-and-coming talent. 

Lola’s Trailer Park Bar

If you want friendly faces, great drinks, and local talent, Lola’s Trailer Park Bar in Fort Worth should be your go-to spot. The bar hosts concerts on a regular basis, in both its indoor and outdoor spaces. Shows are often presented free of charge. 

Dirty Dick’s Bar

If you enjoy a fun-loving crowd. Dirty Dick’s Bar in Denton may be the place for you. The friendly staff is there to greet you and help you get your drinks and food. From Thursday through Saturday, the bar has DJs playing live music through a high-quality sound system. 

The Garage

If you’re looking for an open mic night in Denton, check out The Garage. On some nights you’ll find a DJ spinning hip-hop music. It’s easy to dance the night away to the music there. The bartenders are friendly, giving this bar an excellent atmosphere to enjoy some fun with your friends. 

If you enjoy music as much as we do, we’re sure you’ll love this list of live music around the Corinth area. We at Huffines Kia Corinth enjoy heading out and listening to all our local talent perform. Haven’t been to some of the places on our list? Go ahead and give them a go. You may just find your new favorite hangout.

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