January 26

Why You Need the Kia Rio



Sleek Exterior

The most noticeable changes come to the exterior design, and they make the 2017 Kia Rio look better than ever. The grille has been updated with a more stylish geometric mesh pattern, which is reminiscent of that found on luxury sedans. The headlights have been adjusted so they point more inward, which is a design element that adds a sense of modernity to the Kia Rio.
Completing the updated look are sleek and sharp horizontal style lines and new tail lamps that have been moved to the far corners to contrast with the inward-facing headlights. In summary, the Kia Rio has a more mature, sophisticated look for 2017.

Great Price

The Korean manufacturer has gone out of its way to provide a great-looking car, good performance, and a plethora of safety features at an extremely affordable price. The 2017 Kia Rio starts off at just $14,165 for the lowest trim, making it extremely accessible in terms of price. For what you get, the Rio offers unmatched value for money.

Abundant Tech Features

The 2017 Kia Rio is a tech-lover’s dream. A nifty rear-camera display makes backing out of driveways much safer, as you can see exactly what’s behind you instead of relying solely on your mirrors. Another great tech feature is the UVO “infotainment” system. With UVO, you can send locations you plan to visit on Google Maps from your smartphone to the system itself, and UVO will conveniently save the routes. A useful Parking Minder feature saves your car’s exact location as a set of GPS coordinates so you can find it easily with your smartphone. To top things off, UVO responds to your voice, too.

Safety First

Everyday cars like the Kia Rio must come with a plethora of advanced safety features to properly protect the occupants. Fortunately, Kia hasn’t failed to deliver with the 2017 Rio when it comes to safety. Included with every trim is an advanced air bag system that provides dual front, front seat-mounted side, and full-length side curtain air bags. You also get a handy Vehicle Stability Management system that assists you when driving on slippery surfaces, which is especially handy during cold winter months when black ice can become a safety issue.
Capping off the impressive list of safety features is a Hill-Start Assist Control system, which, as the name suggests, helps you move forward when parked on an incline.
Now that you know why the 2017 Kia Rio is such a great car, the next step is to get to your local dealership and check out the different trim levels and customization options.
Image via Kia.com


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