May 25

Places to Get Some Culture in Denton



Denton Community Theater

The local theater community loves the Denton Community Theater. Throughout the year, this theater hosts a repertoire of plays ranging from Shakespeare to Oscar Wilde. There aren’t many places in the Dallas area that embrace amateur talent, but if you head here, you’re in for a treat.

Murchison Performing Arts Center

Just a short drive from Denton, the Murchison Performing Arts Center is the venue for the students from the University of North Texas to showcase their skills. The style of these students ranges from pop to rock to classical. Only you can become the judge. Most of the shows here are attended by students, but who knows when you’ll run into the next big thing.

Bayless Selby House Museum

The Bayless Selby House was the first historical destination in the Dallas area, despite the fact that it’s a relatively new city. Founded in 2001, the museum is dedicated to the history of Denton and the surrounding area. Much of the house is built in a Victorian style, making it somewhat unique to the fabric of the architecture of the surrounding neighborhoods. Tours are free, and all you have to do is make a scheduled appointment to see what life was like in Denton over 100 years ago.

University of North Texas Department of Theatre and Dance

Located in Denton on the campus of the University of North Texas, the Department of Theatre and Dance offers a unique opportunity to see the finest in the college arts community. Many of these students have struggled and persevered to perform some of the hardest dance routines ever conceived. Without a doubt, these individuals can make their way into a position that can make them a living. The most exciting thing is that you get to see them before they become one of the most famous in the world.

Denton Jazz and Arts Fest

Just because you aren’t into some B-sides of Miles Davis doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some jazz. Fortunately, every April the Denton Jazz and Arts Fest can put you in the mood at a pace you’ll enjoy. This festival features some of the best jazz musicians in the Dallas area, as well as the best in the Midwest and further. If you’re looking to celebrate some music and bring your best friends or family, don’t hesitate to make your way to this shindig.
Although Denton is just one of the suburbs of the famous Dallas metroplex, it has culture that many people never even recognize. The next time you’re looking for a little culture for yourself or a date night, make sure to check out one of these Denton hot spots.
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