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How to Plan a Fun Day at Lake Lewisville This Summer


Lake LewisvilleWhile you’re in the Denton area, Lake Lewisville is a great place to spend a day. This article will show you what’s available at Lake Lewisville so that you can plan the perfect day (or weekend) for your family.

What Is Lake Lewisville?

Lake Lewisville is a beautiful local park that spans 29,000 acres. It is surrounded by a forest of 9,000 acres, and it has a shoreline that’s 233 miles long. The average depth of the Lake Lewisville is 25 feet, which enables it to host various activities such as boating, water sports, and fishing. Fishing is so popular at Lake Lewisville that it is called the Urban Bass Fishing Capital of Texas.
Lake Lewisville is basically a Corps of Engineer reservoir, and it’s very popular for outdoor recreation and water sports in the Dallas Forth-Worth area. The Lewisville Lake Park is located on the south shore of the lake. It extends over an area of 622 acres and is managed by the City of Lewisville. The park offers plenty of amenities to visitors, including athletic facilities, bike trails, long science hikes, swimming beaches, fishing barges, pavilions, tent and RV camping, and picnic areas. Here are some activities that might be part of your day at Lake Lewisville.


Lake Lewisville is a wonderful destination for camping. It offers six unique campgrounds:

  • Hickory Creek Park Campgrounds
  • Lake Park Campgrounds
  • Pilot Knoll Campgrounds
  • Stewart Creek Park Campgrounds
  • Sycamore Bend Park Campgrounds
  • Willow Grove Park Campgrounds

As a day visitor, you could stake out a campsite in order to build a fire, set up your picnic equipment, and pitch a tent to relax in. Of course, your day visit could easily turn into a weekend of camping fun.


There are five different marinas at Lake Lewisville, each offering something different. Pier 121 Marina is located near East Hill Park on the southern shores. It has more than 800 dry storage options and 1,000 water storage options. Hidden Cove Marina is in The Colony Town at Hidden Cove Park. It holds more than 300 covered boat slips.
Cottonwood Creek Marina is located at Little Elm town. It was created in 2003, and it holds more than 250 non-covered and covered slips. Eagle Point Marina is located near I-35 in Lewisville. It has 230 dry storage options and 700 in-water storage options.
Lakeview Marina is located in Lake Dallas, just off I-35. It also offers wet moorage for a wonderful boating experience. The size of the slips ranges from 22 feet to 58 feet. Both uncovered and covered slips are available at this Marina. As a day visitor, you can gain access to these marinas by renting a boat and hiring a driver.


Lake Lewisville is a huge lake with ample opportunities for fishing. The most popular types of fish here are blue and channel catfish, white crappie, white and hybrid striped bass, spotted bass, and largemouth bass. There is a fishing barge within the park that offers a great opportunity to catch fish even if you do not have a boat. There are also great fishing spots, coves, and creeks off the main lake.
Pack your bags and visit Lake Lewisville today!
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