December 6

How to Prep Your Kia for a Winter Road Trip


Winter driving tips Winter is one of the busiest travel seasons of the year, and unfortunately, it is also one of the most precarious for both yourself and your car. Driving during the winter can put a lot of strain on your car, even if you’re driving a dependable model such as a Kia. If you want to make sure that your Kia makes it safely through the winter, there are a few easy things that you can do to get your automobile ready for this tough season.

Pack a Safety Kit in Your Car

While car breakdowns can happen almost any time of the year, they are a particular worry during the winter because of the possibility of being stranded in the cold. If you want to get your Kia ready for winter, one of the first things that you should do is to pack a car safety kit.
Your car safety kit should include several items that will keep your family safe and get your vehicle back on the road. To make sure everyone stays warm, your kit should include blankets and cold-weather gear such as scarves, gloves, and jackets. Be sure to include a first aid kit that includes items to treat wounds, such as bandages.
A car safety kit should also contain items to help you get your vehicle running again. A pair of jumper cables can help you deal with a dead car battery, and a snow shovel and sand will make it easier to deal with a loss of traction.

Address Your Tires

Winter can be hard on your car’s tires, so you should make sure the tires on your vehicle stand up to the cold. If you live somewhere where snow and ice are common, consider investing in a set of snow tires. With these tires, navigating slippery winter roads will be much easier and safer.
You should also check your tires before every winter road trip. Check the tread of your tires to make sure there isn’t extensive wear and tear, and also measure their inflation. Poorly inflated tires are a problem in even the best road conditions, so keeping them properly inflated is crucial during the winter.

Schedule a Pre-Winter Inspection

One of the most effective ways to make your car ready for winter is scheduling an inspection at your local service and parts department before this season arrives. During the inspection, your service technician will check the areas of your car most vulnerable to the winter cold. Your inspection should include a battery check so that you can be confident your battery won’t die and leave you stranded in low temperatures.
Your pre-winter inspection should also include a check of your fluid levels. In particular, you need to be sure your engine has enough antifreeze so that it won’t lock up. Finally, you may want to schedule an oil change so that your Kia has engine oil designed for colder weather.
Before the winter season arrives, you should be sure your Kia is ready for the colder weather. Follow these tips and your automobile should perform the way you need all winter long.
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