February 9

Reasons to Consider the 2017 Kia Soul EV


All Electric

The Kia Soul EV is a fully electric automobile – not a hybrid – so one can only imagine the limitless possibilities of opting for this instead of a conventional gas-gulping car. The motor creates its energizing power from a super strong lithium-ion battery pack. This 27-kilowatt-hour energy is much larger than those used by other electric vehicles presently on the market. The energy efficiency is sitting at the equivalent of 105 miles per gallon. That means it can travel 105 miles with the amount of energy a gallon of gas provides. Its EPA rating is impressive, too, at 93 miles.

Smart Design

It can be challenging to find a genuinely energy-efficient car with all the bells and whistles – and even design – that you like. However, the Kia Soul EV is by all standards a cool-looking car. For the 2017 model, Kia opted for a high-gloss look and an interesting new take on the interior layout. Sit back, relax in the deep foam cushions, and enjoy average height capacity despite its more petite frame.

Convenient Charge

There’s no need to roam the city streets searching for a charger for your vehicle. With the Kia Soul EV, each customer receives a standard CHAdeMO DC fast charge port, a plug lock, and an onboard charger for level two charging. Get your car filled with energy in as few as five hours at a 240-volt charging station. If you’re at a lower, 120-volt outlet, be mindful that it can take a full day: Charge it up before you go to sleep or go out of town so it will be ready to drive when needed. Additionally, Kia offers its own charging areas, and if you’re at a 500kw CHAdeMO charger, you can fill up most of your resources in just half an hour.

Energy-Saving Processes

Some Kia Soul EVs go even further to conserve energy with heat-pump heating and air-conditioning systems. Such systems use fewer resources than typical heaters and conditioners, making your car more usable across continents. Assets like these make Kia’s models some of the best energy-efficient vehicles on the market.

Excellent Technology

The Kia Soul isn’t shy about competing with its conventional competitors, who offer significant technological advances. The front seat of the Kia Soul EV is fully loaded with an 8-inch touchscreen, rear camera, and excellent entertainment system. Not sure whether your car is ready for you at its charging dock? You can check your charge status remotely, or if you’re on the road and need a station, you can search for the best and closest one.

If you’re ready to try the energy-saving approach in full force, you’ve made the right choice with the Kia Soul EV. Its sleek design, compact look, spacious interior, and cutting-edge technology are certainly going to impress. Visit your Kia dealership today to test drive the Soul EV.


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