March 24

Spring Cleaning Tips For Your Car!

Keeping your car clean for your everyday needs, especially with kids, can be quite a challenge. Luckily, you can use many organizational and cleaning solutions to keep the inside and outside of your car spotless. From clever ideas to keep trunks, glove boxes, and cup holders clean and organized to holders for your smartphone, grocery bags, and other small items, the following solutions can help you keep your items organized and within easy reach when you’re cruising around the Corinth area.

Trunk Organizer

Trunk Organizer For Your Car

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Many people use the trunk of their car to store items such as blankets, camping chairs, and grocery bags. While you may have these items folded or rolled up and pushed deep into your trunk, there’s a solution for cleaning the trunk of your car effectively: a trunk organizer. A trunk organizer is a device you can use to separate and divide items in your trunk into different compartments, bins, or pockets so that you always know their locations. Depending on your needs, there are two kinds of trunk organizers you can use.

One type of trunk organizer is a mesh or wire basket that supports storage bins or other containers you mount on the top of your trunk. This kind of organizer maximizes your space because you can put some items beneath it and others inside it without stacking them on top of each other. The other trunk organizer is a foldable divider you can use for groceries or other items that won’t stay in your vehicle for a long period of time. You can fold this organizer up when you’re not using it to save space.

Portable Car Vacuum

A portable car vacuum with either a battery charger or an adaptable cord for your car’s charging ports is a useful item you can keep in your vehicle’s trunk or center console. This item can help you remove dust, dirt, and crumbs from the inside of your vehicle. It can reach the tricky locations of your car, such as between the seats, in the crevices of the seatbelt buckles, and in the trunk. If you get a corded vacuum, make sure the cord is at least 16 feet long, so you can reach everywhere in your car.

Cupcake Holders or Coffee Filters

Using paper cupcake holders or small coffee filters can help you keep the cup holders in your car protected from crumbs, dirt, and dust. Before putting these in your cup holders, clean out the holders with an all-purpose cleaning solution or wipes and let them dry. Then, you can place them into the cup holders. Once they get dirty, or you want to clean your car again, you can remove the entire cupcake holder or coffee filter, throw it away, and replace it with a new one. This helps you save time when you clean your car.

Car Headrest Hooks

Car headrest hooks are a device you can attach to the removable headrests in your vehicle. These headrests are on the front driver and passenger seats in most vehicles. These devices provide a location where you can hang items such as purses, backpacks, grocery bags, umbrellas, and other items you want to keep off the floor of your car. They keep the items secure and level, preventing spills and cleaning them. You can also use these devices to hang baskets or other small, flexible containers so people can access them from the back seats.

Miniature File Folder

You can use a miniature file folder to organize the contents in your glove box. Storing your driver’s license, registration, insurance, manufacturer’s guide to your vehicle, and other important paperwork you might need while driving in this file folder can help you quickly access your papers. When you open it, it can also keep them from falling out of your glove box and free space you can use for other items. A miniature file folder can prevent your documents from falling out, and they often come with useful labels you can add to stay organized.


A duster can be an excellent tool to keep in the glove box of your car. You can use it to clear off your dashboard, your instrument panel, the inside of your windshield, and other areas of your car. Having one in your vehicle allows you to quickly clean your car and remove dust. If you have pets, you can also use a duster to clean up after any trips your pet makes with you, making it easier to remove their hair from your vehicle and saving you the time you can use for other errands you may have around the Corinth area.

Back Seat Organizers

Back seat organizers are an excellent way to keep your car clean because they provide a place you can store small items. You can get two kinds of organizers: ones that hang over the front seats and foldable baskets that rest in the middle of the back seat. The first kind is useful if you have children because they can easily reach into their pockets and get items out to entertain themselves. These organizers may also have trays and cup holders to hold food and drinks for passengers in your back seat.

The second organizer is useful because it can hold small items such as tissues, snacks, and entertainment devices. When you’re not using it, you can easily fold it up and store it underneath a seat or in the trunk of your car. Regardless of which kind you choose, they can both keep the inside of your vehicle from feeling cluttered and provide places to put items.

Are You Looking for Vehicle Accessories?

If you’re looking for ways to accessorize your vehicle, our team at Huffines Kia Corinth can help you today. There are many accessories and specific gadgets you can use to keep your Kia clean and organized. If you’re interested in learning more, you can contact us or visit us.


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