April 11

Take a Hike Through Denton at One of These 3 Local Trails


Hiking spots in Denton, TXDenton boasts an abundance of parks and conservation areas where one can unwind from the pressures of everyday life in beautiful natural surroundings. The city, however, also offers trails that run through urban areas, which are easily accessible and ideal for daily exercise.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center was established to preserve and restore rare lowland and upland grassland ecosystems, as well as the estuaries, wetlands, and other aquatic habitats in the area. The heritage center is located within the Lake Lewisville upper floodplain and encompasses more than 2,900 acres of diverse scenery that includes hardwood forest, upland prairie, rivers, and wetlands. More than 10 miles of family-friendly hiking trails, which all wind through different landscapes, are available to the public.
Some of the trails include the Fisherman’s Trail that will take you along Clear Creek up to where it converges with Elm Fork; Wetlands Trail, where you’ll be able to view waterfowl, herons, and beavers in their natural aquatic habitat; and Old Wetlands Road and High trails, where you can explore the bottomland forest. If you would like to take a jog in beautiful, natural surroundings, the outer perimeter of the trails creates a loop of about 3.2 miles that is perfect for running.

Greenbelt Corridor Park

Greenbelt Corridor Park features the Greenbelt Trail, which is a 20-mile trail that runs along the heavily wooded banks of the Trinity River, connecting Lake Lewisville at its southern tip to the Ray Roberts Lake at its northern end. It is a very popular trail among locals, as it allows for bikers, hikers, as well as equestrian use. Along the northern side, the trail splits in two, with one side offering a hard-surface trail for bikers and hikers and the other is an equestrian path.

The park also offers access to the river at an entrance fee of $7, which affords the public the opportunity to canoe or kayak in the fresh water. Access to the river can be gained via three access points that are equipped with restrooms and parking.

A-train Rail Trail

Running along an active commuter line, the A-train Rail Trail will, upon its completion, offer 19 miles of paved trail where the public can hike, bike, rollerblade, or run. The trail, which is expected to be completed this year, will stretch from the middle of Denton to Lewisville, and run past Corinth, Hickory Creek, and Lake Dallas.
As the trail runs parallel to the railway, pedestrians and cyclists are afforded the opportunity to board a train at any station along the way if they feel like taking a break or in case of an emergency. Some people, for instance, might prefer to take the train to work, but run or walk back home. As the trail winds through urban areas, it is super safe. You’ll just have to bear with stopping at a few street-level crossings at big roadways along the way.
Whether you want to hike, bike, or ride a horse through beautiful natural surroundings, or if prefer to jog along a paved trail in an urban environment, Denton features an abundance of trails that offer enjoyment for everyone.
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