January 4

Three Places to Go Horseback Riding Near Denton


Looking for an enjoyable day of horseback riding in Denton? These stables and riding centers are the best places for both experienced riders and beginners.
Marshall Creek Ranch
Marshall Creek Ranch is a great family-friendly riding option. The ranch offers guided trail rides and has horses of all different sizes. The trails wind through the stunning Lake Grapevine area, which is abundant with wildlife and nicely shaded by the towering Cottonwood trees.
This popular ranch books up completely each day, so if you want to spend a day riding with the lovely horses at Marshall Creek Ranch, be sure to reserve well in advance. The groups are kept small so that you don’t ever feel as though you’re too far from the guide. In addition to providing wonderful trail rides, Marshall Creek Ranch arranges for birthday parties and summer riding lessons.

Black Mustang Ranch
Black Mustang Ranch is a multipurpose ranch where visitors can go on trail rides, learn how to ride horses on courses, and even purchase a horse to take home with you. Trail rides are the most popular way to enjoy the ranch’s property. A guide will take you around the farm’s stony hills and past the shores of a nearby lake. The team at Black Mustang Ranch will match you with a horse that’s ideal for your skill level.
The cost of your trail ride depends largely on how long you want to ride and whether or not you want to have a picnic lunch included in your excursion. You can ride for anywhere between one and four hours. Experienced riders may enjoy Black Mustang Ranch’s Enduro ride package which lasts between two and three hours and includes getting the horses up to a trot and canter. You can choose between English endurance or Western style.
Widowmaker Trail Rides
Widowmaker Trail Rides is the best option for those who have never been horseback riding before or those who consider themselves beginners. All rides are by appointment only, and because of this, they are usually private. Team arrangements at Widowmaker include instruction during every one of their appointments, no matter what your skill level, as a way of helping you to become a better rider.
Horses will be matched to your size and riding experience. The nice thing about Widowmaker is that if you are booking with a large group, they will send an additional guide with the tour so that there is never more than six people to a single tour guide. The trail ride is about two hours and will take you around Lake Grapevine to enjoy the scenery and horse trails in the area.
Whether you’re looking for a riding center that can take you to the next level of your riding ability or you’re a beginner simply looking for a nice day out with a few friends, these riding centers can all cater to your needs and experience. Now it’s time to get out and explore the beautiful natural beauty in Denton.
Photo: “Riding Horses” by Dorian Wallender licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 | Cropped from original


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