October 12

Top 3 Reasons to Buy New for Your Next Vehicle Purchase


There’s nothing quite like the feel and smell of a new car. Zipping down the road in your first ever new automobile makes you feel like you’ve arrived. The smell of fresh leather trimmed seats and your favorite tunes playing in the infotainment center make great memories that last a lifetime. Some people struggle with the decision to buy a new or used car, and really it depends on your circumstances. Regardless of whether you decide to treat yourself to a brand new car, or buy one that’s gently used, we at Huffines Kia Denton can help. Discover three good reasons to buy a new car.


The scariest part of buying a used car is the possibility that you might get stuck with the proverbial “lemon.” Nothing is worse than being behind the wheel of a car you just purchased a few days ago and then seeing steam start rising from the hood or the engine cutting out. The great thing about buying a new car is the warranty. Most new cars come with great warranties that put your mind at ease. If something goes wrong, just take it into the dealership and mechanics will fix it for you for free. Some warranties even include things, such as free oil changes and roadside assistance. The manufacturer’s warranty will probably be the most comprehensive and affordable warranty coverage your car will ever have.


Safety of new cars is of the utmost importance. Today’s auto manufactures continually have to meet stricter safety regulations, and improved technology means safer rides. New automobiles also have newer safety features, such as more airbags, blind spot monitoring and lane assist. These are features you may not find in the majority of used vehicles.

Less Hassle

While you don’t normally have as much room to negotiate the price of a new vehicle, if you buy at the right time you can get a good deal during incentive periods. Many times car companies have special financing available, low interest rates, or cash back to sweeten the pot. A used car purchase requires much more homework. You have to assess Blue Book value, investigate the vehicle history reports, get it inspected by a mechanic, and so on. Even though a new car may be more expensive than a used one, it certainly is a less stressful experience.
As you can see, there are many great reasons to buy a new vehicle instead of a used one. Easier financing, a better warranty, and greater peace of mind are among the reasons it’s generally a better choice. However, new or used, always do your homework and make sure you buy from a reputable dealership. Ask lots of questions and go on a good test drive to make sure you really like the car. We are here to make the process of purchasing an automobile fun and exciting, so we invite you into the dealership to see our vast inventory of both new and used vehicles.
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