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Top Fishing Spots in the Corinth Area

catfishWhen you’re bursting to get out of your home office, it’s time to escape to the great outdoors and go fishing. If you’re not sure where the best spot to cast your line is, we at Huffines Kia Corinth have you covered. We know about some of the best fishing spots around the Corinth area. Check out some of these awesome locations below when you start planning your next fishing trip.
Ray Roberts Lake State Park
Ray Roberts Lake State Park has it all. This beautiful locale offers great hiking trails, beaches for swimming, and camping sites, but most importantly, a visit to Ray Roberts Lake State Park promises some excellent fishing. When you cast your line into the 29,000-acre Ray Roberts Lake, you could be rewarded with a mass selection of fish on your hook. Largemouth and white bass, crappie, and catfish all call this lovely lake home. Some big prizes swim in these waters too; the biggest largemouth bass caught in the lake to date was over 13 lbs.
The best seasons for Largemouth bass angling are spring and fall, but many trophy-sized bass have been hooked in February and March. The baits that work best during these colder temperatures are jigs or a jig and pig combo. A jig and pig combo mimics the movements of crawfish and should be dragged slowly through deeper areas of water.
Fishing at Ray Roberts Lake is also incredibly convenient. There are plenty of boat ramps and a marina so you can fish right out on the water, but you can also fish close to shore. There are fishing piers and even cleaning stations on hand so you can eat your catch as soon as you reel it in. Better yet, when you fish from the pier or shore, you can do so without a fishing license, which means you can zip out to Ray Roberts Lake State Park whenever the urge to fish strikes you.
Bob Jones Park
Just a 30-minute drive outside of Corinth, Bob Jones Park is a perfect place to go for a family fishing trip. The 6-acre pond and the other park amenities, like the nearby pavilion, offer a first-rate fishing experience. If you’re planning to bring home some dinner, some delicious options await you. The most common types of fish caught in Bob Jones Park are largemouth bass and white bass, but you could easily find a catfish wriggling on your hook too.
If you are looking for the most successful times to go fishing here, try visiting the park in April and May. These months are a great time to catch white bass, as they’ll have finished their spawning and will be on the hunt for more food.
White Rock Lake
If you are yearning for some wide, open spaces, you’ll want to hop in the car and head to White Rock Lake. This 1,015-acre city lake is located approximately 50 minutes outside Corinth. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to bag a largemouth bass, channel catfish, and freshwater drum.
White Rock Lake is a perfect fishing hole to escape to any time of the year, not only for its calming scenery, but also because you can catch freshwater drum all throughout the year. While freshwater drum do peak in the summer, if you can lure them from their hiding places, you can catch them during the autumn and winter too.
Lake Lewisville
Lake Lewisville, also known as Garza-Little Elm Lake, is a reservoir located just 15 minutes from Corinth. In these waters, you will find a rich variety of fish swimming around. Whenever you cast your line into Lake Lewisville, you’ll have plenty of chances to catch some crappies, bluegills, catfish, blue catfish, and redear sunfish. If you prefer bass you won’t be disappointed. Bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, and white bass swim here in abundance.
The best time to go fishing for blue catfish is undoubtedly in Late March, April, and early May, simply because of the sheer number available in the lake. Now, if your aim is to score a prize blue catfish, visit Lake Lewisville beginning in November through Mid March. During this time of year, the big blue catfish stack up, making them easy to locate and catch. A visit to this excellent fishing spot promises a good catfish haul any time of the year, but winter is the absolute best time to reel in a monster blue catfish.
Evans Lake
Seven acres of wonderful fishing await you at Evans Lake. 20 minutes from Corinth, Evans Lake is an excellent location to go fishing for a wide variety of fish — largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, northern pike, bullheads, and white perch to name a few. The best time to snag yourself some white perch is from April through June, as this is their spawning season. During this time, they are aggressively feeding, which makes these tasty fish much easier to catch. When you visit Evans Lake, you’re sure to leave with a car full of great fish.
Lake Sharon 
You won’t have to travel far in order to cast your line into the waters of Lake Sharon. This reservoir is located just six minutes from Corinth. Here, not only will you find a beautiful, tranquil setting that is perfect for a family day out but also an abundance of fish to catch.
You have a high chance of reeling in a wide variety of bass, which includes striped, largemouth, and smallmouth. Redear sunfish, bluegill, and blue catfish also proliferate in Lake Sharon. If you’re on the hunt for both catfish and bass, you’ll want to visit this lovely locale in the early spring.
There are so many fantastic fishing spots around Corinth, and we at Huffines Kia Corinth hope this article has helped inspire your next outing. If you know of a great location that we’ve missed on this list, please send us a note. We look forward to hearing from you.
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