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Top Landmarks of Corinth, TX

If you’re visiting Corinth, Texas, or are a proud member of our community, there’s plenty of historical value in this great little Texas town for you to appreciate. Nestled north of the central Dallas and Fort Worth metropolitan area, Corinth is a rich, vibrant community with lots of history. You can visit museums, theaters, and historical sites for a unique experience. Check out our guide to some of the top historical landmarks in Corinth for your next day trip or vacation.

Campus Theatre

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The Campus Theatre is located just northwest of Corinth in Denton, a strong historical community with plenty of charm and historical value. This theater is one of the most charming theater locations in Texas, with a nostalgic feel and a newly-renovated interior for a mix of modern and antique. Enjoy a movie, musical performance, or theatrical performance in this stunning, 300-seat venue built in just one year between 1948 and 1949. Since then, the theater has seen the likes of stars such as Warren Beatty, John Wayne, Sandra Dee, and more.

Denton County African-American Museum

The Denton County African-American Museum is a testament to the contributions of African-Americans in Texas and beyond for the history of the United States. This beautiful museum built in 1904 is just a short drive from Corinth, on Mulberry Street in Denton, and holds all the charm of a simple house, packed with historical information and plenty of nostalgia. Enjoy a tour through history as you visit Denton’s award-winning historical museum, complete with archived papers from Denton’s first African-American doctor and other items. The museum offers guided group tours and tour packages for Denton’s other museums.

Bayless-Selby House Museum

This museum is another charming, nostalgic, 20th-century home with historical value. The museum sits in Denton’s famous Denton County Historical Park. The Victorian-style house is a testament to the life of Denton’s citizens at the turn of the 20th century, complete with a music room that holds an authentic Ernest Gabler & Brother grand piano. From the elegant dining room table that speaks of countless family dinners to the peaceful wrap-around porch, the Bayless-Selby museum is a must-stop on any trip through Corinth or Denton, Texas. The museum is located on Mulberry Street in Denton.

Courthouse Museum on the Square

Located on Hickory Street in Denton, The Courthouse Museum on the Square is a centerpiece of the downtown square. Built in 1896, the courthouse offers over a century of rich historic value and a pleasing aesthetic for Denton’s playful square. With a complete restoration in 2004, this museum is staying around for a while, giving visitors and residents alike an opportunity to tour one of Denton’s oldest buildings. One of the charms of this museum is that it was constructed with local stone, including granite and sandstone, and also contains John B. Denton’s resting place.

Taylor Cabin

The Taylor Cabin is one of Denton County’s oldest landmarks. Built in 1868, this log cabin has survived over a century of weather and a move to the Denton Historical Park to bring guests a stunning view of a 19th-century homestead. Although not yet open for visitation until its restoration, the cabin serves as a reminder of what life must have been like in Denton in the 1800s, with handmade walls, doors, and windows. The cabin served as home to several families, including John William and Ida Taylor, who raised 10 children there.

Old Alton Bridge

The Old Alton Bridge, also called Goatman’s Bridge, is another historical landmark near Corinth that connects the small towns of Denton and Copper Canyon. Built in 1884, the bridge is another testament to life in Texas in the 19th century, serving as a busy thoroughfare for the towns of Copper Canyon and Denton for decades. The bridge has a unique legend behind it that some visitors might find interesting or unsettling. It’s said to be haunted following a vicious murder in the 1930s, which allegedly created the specter.

Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center

The Clear Creek Natural Heritage Center is a nature reserve that features over 2,900 acres of pristine bottomland hardwood forest, upland prairie, and aquatic habitats. Visitors to Denton and Corinth can experience one of northern Texas’s most pristine and sprawling natural landmarks to experience unmatched ecological and recreational opportunities. Explore the forest with marked trails and experience some of Texas’s most diverse wildlife or hike the trails near Clear Creek for an afternoon adventure. Visitors can attend workshops to learn more about the site and other topics like organic gardening, rainwater harvesting, and more.

Little Chapel in the Woods

This small chapel is a leftover from the Great Depression of the 1930s, named as one of Texas’ most impressive architectural wonders. The chapel sits on the campus of the Texas Woman’s University and was originally designed and built by a local architect named O’Neill Ford and over 300 students from the university. If you’re visiting Denton or Corinth, this is an excellent opportunity to see one of Texas’ best architectural landmarks and learn more about its prestigious university.

Blagg-Huey Library

Another landmark at Texas Woman’s University is the prestigious, sprawling Blagg-Huey library. This impressive collection of works features a dedicated women’s collection to immortalize all the best additions to women’s literature. Dedicated in 1986, the library offers support to faculty and students attending the campus, but you can also take a tour of the library with permission. This three-story building offers a look at some stunning architecture to accent the historic collection of literature and reference books.

If you’re heading to Corinth or Denton for the weekend or you’re already a resident, there are plenty of landmarks to see to appreciate the culture, history, and architecture of Denton County. Consider any of these sites for your day trip or family vacation and you’re sure to have a memorable experience. If you’re looking for more information, you can visit the Denton County Historical Commission’s website to learn about other sites and opportunities.


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