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Top Safety Features of the Kia Forte


Standard Safety Features

Kia has gained a reputation for the safety of its cars, and the Forte is no exception. It comes with excellent standard safety features that guarantee great value for your money. Like other models in Kia’s lineup, the Forte comes with Kia DriveWise technology as a standard feature. That means you’ll get various driver-assistance offerings, including lane departure warning, auto emergency braking technology, driver attention warning, lane-keeping assist, and electronic stability control. If you’re considering another mid-size sedan, like a close comparison to the ford fusion, you may want to still consider the Kia Forte.

Besides the DriveWise technology, you get a range of other safety features on the Kia Forte. These include seat-mounted side air bags, dual front air bags, full-length side curtain air bags, traction control, lower tethers and anchors for children, and a tire pressure management system.

Safety Features vs. Trim Levels

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Higher trims always have superior safety features in any car lineup, and the Kia Forte lineup is no different. The Forte has five trim levels: FE, LXS, GT-Line, EX, and GT. Despite being the entry-level trim, the FE comes with all the aforementioned standard safety features. However, if you’re looking for upgrades on the standard safety features, it’s best to get the LXS or higher.

On the GT-Line and higher trims, you get all the standard safety features plus extras like cross-traffic collision warning and blind-spot warning. If you land your hands on the GT trim and choose the GT2 package, you’ll get extra safety features, including smart cruise control, forward collision avoidance assist, parking distance warning, and pedestrian detection.

Advanced Active Safety Technology

Thanks to its advanced safety tech, the Kia Forte has overwhelmingly positive safety reviews. The active tech safety features guarantee your safety during a collision and in many cases help you avoid collisions in the first place. One such feature is the blind-spot collision warning system. It comes into play when you’re switching lanes on the highway. Once you put the turn signal on, you’ll be alerted about other vehicles in your blind spot.

Likewise, the lane departure warning system alerts you if you start drifting out of your lane. If you don’t respond to the alerts, the system will gently turn the Forte’s steering wheel and return you to the intended lane. Conversely, the forward collision warning system monitors the vehicle’s front end and alerts you to an impending collision.

Driver-Assistance Systems

Anyone who loves long road trips knows just how tiring they can be. To keep you safe during such drives, the Kia Forte’s interior comes with driver-assistance features that simplify some elements of the driving process, helping to mitigate fatigue, thus preventing accidents. Thanks to the driver-assistance features, all you need to do is get behind the wheel and focus on the road ahead and nothing else.

A notable driver-assistance feature on the Kia Forte is the Smart Cruise Control feature. This safety tech helps you to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. When traffic speeds increase, your Forte’s speed will automatically get back up to your set speed. Hence, you don’t need to actively manage the vehicle’s speed.

Driving at night requires significant focus, and you may find yourself needing to turn your high beams on and off constantly. To make things easier, the Kia Forte comes with a high beam assist feature, which deactivates your high beams automatically when there’s oncoming traffic. This keeps both drivers safe by allowing you to concentrate on driving without worrying about controlling the lights.

Passive Safety Features

Besides the advanced active safety tech and driver-assistance features, Kia incorporated a range of passive safety features into the Forte. These include the front, side, and dual front advanced air bags to keep you and your passengers safe during a collision or rollover. The air bags are available in all vehicles in the Kia Forte lineup as a standard safety feature.

Safe Handling Features

The Kia Forte is equipped with a set of safe handling features that help you to avoid accidents. The electronic stability control system combines with the standard traction control system to slow down the car if slippage is detected in the wheels. So when driving around Corinth in rainy or snowy weather, you’ll enjoy better handling and control in a Forte.

One of the leading causes of car crashes is wheel lockup during heavy braking. This is a thing of the past with the Kia Forte, thanks to the standard four-wheel antilock braking system. The brakes release pressure gradually even when braking, thus preventing the wheels from locking up. Therefore, you’re guaranteed better handling when applying the brakes.

Finally, we know hitting the road around Corinth comes with its risks. To make uphill driving easier and safer, the Kia Forte comes standard with hill start assist control. If you are driving uphill in traffic and you stop suddenly, the car will maintain its brake force for a while to keep you from rolling backward when you take your foot off the brake pedal.

Kia Forte Safety Ratings

Any discussion of the Kia Forte’s safety features should include a review of the vehicle’s safety ratings. Thanks to all the safety features on the Kia Forte, it’s not surprising that it has high safety ratings. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) chose the Kia Forte as a Top Safety Pick for 2021. The Forte received the highest possible grade for crashworthiness, driver and passenger safety, and crash protection.

Besides being a stylish car, the Kia Forte comes with best-in-class safety features. From the high-strength steel construction to the advanced warning tech, the safety features on this chic vehicle guarantee your and your passengers’ safety.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Kia Forte’s safety features, don’t hesitate to visit Huffines Kia in Corinth to check out our inventory. Also, feel free to call us at 940-293-8400 to book your test drive and get a feel for these safety features.


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