August 23

Use Your Fins and Flippers for Swimming Lessons near Denton


Child wearing goggles swimming in a poolTeaching your children how to swim early on is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them. In addition to the enjoyment of the activity, children who know how to swim are less at risk when surrounded by water. There are many great places where you can enroll your children in swimming lessons right here in the Denton, Texas, area.

Denton Natatorium

The Denton Natatorium is often used by the Denton Independent School District and the Denton Parks and Recreation for swim meets and practices. It is also a great place for swim lessons. You can sign up for a 1-month, 3-month, or 12-month membership and introduce your child to swimming yourself. You can also sign them up for a guided swimming class with an experienced teacher.

The Denton Natatorium has classes for all ages from six months to six years and older. 6-month classes are for the child and parent to take together. Children over the age of six will have the ability to enhance their swimming skills with developmental lessons. The Denton Natatorium also offers private and semi-private swim lessons and work out classes for adults.


Aqua-Tots has been teaching younger children how to swim since 1991. The indoor pools here mean that you can enjoy year-round swimming lessons for all ages. Infant swimming classes are a great way to bond with your new baby while making them more comfortable in the water. Swim lessons for children go all the way up to age 12.
Aqua-Tots can also help you improve your swimming capabilities with an adult swimming class. You can entrust the safety of your children to Aqua-Tots because each of the instructors is highly trained and CPR certified. All swim lessons are in the form of group, semi-private, or private. Aqua-Tots can also host your children’s swim parties.

Emler Swim School

At Emler Swim School, you can expect the highest attention and care for your child. Classes are small with only four students so your child can get the individualized attention that they deserve. Each class is completed with a quick recap so you can know how the swimming lesson went. You, your child, and your instructor can also work on personal goals.
The swim school is open to children of all ages with classes for bath time babies between two and five months all the way up to four levels of experienced swimmers who are five years and up. With over 40 years of swim instructor experience, the Emler Swim School is proud to offer a 100 percent swimming guarantee. This means that if your child does not improve and does not become more confident in their swimming capabilities, you are refunded.
Time spent at the lake or pool will be more enjoyable if your child is comfortable with swimming. It is never too early to begin swimming lessons for children. With many swim school options in the Denton area, you can begin your child’s swimming instruction as early as possible.
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