October 13

Ways to Celebrate Halloween With the Family


Halloween is a favorite holiday for people across the United States. As the temperatures begin to cool, kids get excited for trick-or-treating while adults look forward to costume parties and haunted houses. If you have young kids, it can sometimes be challenging to find events that are fun for everyone. In these cases, it’s often best to throw a Halloween celebration at home. This is also a great options if you’re concerned about safety, or if schedules don’t allow you to enjoy local events.

Just because you’re celebrating at home doesn’t mean that Halloween can’t be fun. At Huffines Kia Corinth, we want to make sure that our neighbors have a great Halloween and enjoy the season as much as we do. That’s why we put together a list of tips to help you celebrate the holiday at home with the family. Keep reading to learn about how you can keep Halloween spooky and fun without ever leaving the house.

Get Dressed Up

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Besides the candy, dressing up is probably the single thing kids look forward to most every fall. Even if you’re not going out this year, you can still participate in this tradition by dressing up at home. If you want to have even more fun, consider making a costume at home with your kids instead of buying one. This can be an exciting way to get some family time and is a great way to stretch kids’ creativity and recycle old clothes.

If you have friends nearby, consider inviting them over to your costume party. This can make your celebrations feel more like a party. If there are enough people invited, you can even ask them to bring snacks or participate in a costume contest. No matter what you end up doing with your family this Halloween, make sure you all dress up.

Make a Playlist

Spooky tunes can really change the atmosphere of your home and make your Halloween scarier. Before you begin your celebrations, consider making a playlist of you and your kids’ favorite Halloween songs. You can then let it play while you carve pumpkins, bake treats, or decorate the house.

Watch a Scary Movie

Scary movies are a great way to get a little fright in your life, even if you’re staying in this Halloween. If you have kids, you can choose a spooky cartoon or something appropriate for their age. If it’s just you and your partner or you and some friends, you can get as scary as you want. Put on your favorite horror movie, get cozy, grab some snacks, and settle down for a night of terror.

Carve Some Pumpkins

Nothing is more symbolic of the Halloween season than a pumpkin. These colorful gourds finish ripening during October and are a staple in all kinds of fall celebrations from All Hallows Eve to Thanksgiving. During this season, they form the basis of many tasty treats, including pumpkin pie, pumpkin bread, and even pumpkin butter. During Halloween, however, pumpkins are less often eaten than carved. 

The jack-o’-lantern is almost synonymous with Halloween and is a decoration no house should be without during October. Carving pumpkins can also be a super fun activity for the whole family. Before Halloween arrives, find a local pumpkin patch and select a few good-sized gourds that are good for carving. If you don’t have a pumpkin patch in your area, check the local supermarket. You’ll also need some tools, including pumpkin scrapers and some sharp knives. Finally, make sure you have candles or small light for the inside of your jack-o’-lanterns.

While you can carve your pumpkins on Halloween night, it might be better to do them beforehand. This gives you plenty of time to finish so that you can display them on time. Additionally, carving can be messy, and this gives you time to clean up so that you can enjoy other activities on Halloween. If you need ideas for your own jack-o’-lanterns, be sure to look online. You’ll find a vast number of different designs to inspire your own creations.

Bake Some Seasonal Treats

Sweet treats are one of the best parts of Halloween, not just for kids, but for adults too. If you’re planning to celebrate Halloween at home, be sure that you have a variety of treats for the kids and any guests. Although candy is a favorite with kids everywhere, it’s not the healthiest choice, and there are many other baked goods you can make instead. Additionally, baking is a great way to spend time with the family and can give children a sense of accomplishment.

Some of the easiest and most popular treats at Halloween time are cookies. They’re simple to make, and you can customize your designs to suit the season. For example, you could get some frosting and put pumpkin, spider, or bat designs on your creations to capture the spirit of Halloween. If you want to make some truly seasonal treats, consider making pumpkin or ginger cookies.

Even if you’re making baked goods, it might still be a good idea to have some candy on hand for Halloween. This gives you something to hand out if other trick-or-treaters come knocking. Additionally, you might have some treats left over for yourself.

Decorate the House

One of the best ways to make your at-home Halloween party festive is by decorating. This is a fun activity that everyone in the house can participate in. If you want, you can look for decorations at your local party store, or you can make your own spooky decorations at home. Make sure to include your jack-o’-lanterns in your display.

That’s a quick overview of some of the ways you can have fun at home this Halloween season. Every family is different, and we know we couldn’t possibly list all the options. If you’re an at-home Halloween veteran and have some advice you’d like to share, feel free to let us know and we’ll add your wisdom to our list. Remember to stay safe and have fun this Halloween season and keep Huffines Kia Corinth in mind for all your automotive needs. We can’t wait to see you and you have our word that we’ll treat you like family.


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